Tuesday 16 November 2010

Top Men's Fashion Accessories

The current trend in men's fashion leans towards bold
combinations and creative choices. Accessories are a great
way to let your personality shine through in your style.
They can be adventurous and catch attention without taking
over your entire outfit, and they are the perfect way to
liven up your wardrobe without totally revamping your

1. Bow Tie

These days cutting edge men's fashion is turning to the past
for inspiration. Bow ties are just one example of this
phenomenon, having been reinvented of late by both
celebrities and fashion designers.

Tips for wearing:

-Know how to tie it properly--there are plenty of tutorials
on the web, and ready tied just isn't the same as the real

-Off with the jacket, on with the tie! Bow ties are great
for wearing with casually rolled shirtsleeves.

-Braces paired with bow ties are definitely in. If you're
going with classic style, why not go all the way?

2. Pocket Squares

These might seem stuffy and formal, but with some creativity
they can really add to an outfit. Pocket squares are a great
way to stand out in a crowd with a little colour.

Tips for wearing:

-That's right, colour! White can be boring--find something
that speaks to your individuality. Patterns are great
too--think polka dots or gingham check.

-Don't just fold it straightedge--let it be a bit messy,
especially when paired with a more casual blazer.

3. Tie Clip

Also known as a tie  bar, this accessory can add a touch of
easy elegance to your more formal attire. There are plenty
of designs out there, from classic solid silver to fun
patterns. Decide what message you want to convey--dashing
and professional, or more along the lines of casually
polished? From there choose your perfect clip.

Tips for wearing:

-You don't always have to wear it straight across-a bit of
an angle can add some intrigue to your style.

-Place the clip just above your top jacket button--where it
can be seen but is not too close to the tie knot.

4. Scarf

Scarves are quit trendy at the moment, for both guys and
girls. All sorts of colours and materials are on the market,
suiting a variety of tastes. There's the purely decorative
cotton or silk scarf, the thick ribbed wool versions that
provide warmth as well as style, and everything in between.
Choose yours depending on what you want to convey--is it
merely a fashionable touch of colour to add to your
layering, or is it meant to be the focus of your outfit?

Tips for wearing:

-A colour-contrasting scarf over a suit looks quite sharp.
For a formal evening out, a white scarf with a black suit is
a smart, elegant option.

-Scarves can look particularly good with a waistcoat, if
you're into the layered look. A check pattern in a
versatile, neutral colour works well for this option.

Which accessory will you sport today?

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