Wednesday 2 November 2011

Twenty six-year-old student claims Mr. Nigeria 2011 title

LAGOS, NIGERIA (OCTOBER 31, 2011) (REUTERS) -  Making their way down the catwalk in tailored suits and fresh hair cuts, 18 of Nigeria's 'best' looking men battled it out on Saturday (October 29) for the title of Mr. Nigeria 2011.

Hundreds of spectators cheered as the contestants came out all smiles in different outfits in the final of the competition in Nigeria's commercial capital Lagos.

The event was organised by the country's leading entertainment company the Silverbird Group.
The contestants were judged on their confidence, eloquence, physic and understanding of various issues affecting their country and the world.

One contestant excited the crowd when he said Nigeria -- while it has made millions from oil revenues, had turned its back on key sectors like agriculture.

The men, all in their 20's were also judged in a special talent category that saw contestants show their skills in modern and traditional dance as well as Taekwondo and even story telling.

But most spectators said they were most impressed by the contestants' physical appearance.
At the end of the show, the judges picked 26 year-old multi-media graduate, Deji Bakare as the winner.
He took home 10,000 US dollars in prize money, a brand new car and will represent Nigeria in the Mr. World pageant.

Bakare will also take on an ambassadorial role for Nigeria, representing the country whenever called upon and is also expected to be a role model for the youth.

Bakare said he was inspired to join the Mr. Nigeria competition to make his country "a better place".
"We will make Nigeria a better place. We will make Nigeria a better place because right now, we are blessed this country, natural disasters is not happening. We are the ones just fighting ourselves being jealous and I am very sure, all the things that are happening right now is just selfishness, that's the word, selfishness," he said.

"It is like a dream come true, standing up amongst 18 men, 18 beautiful, 18 handsome, well built men its really really amazing and I am really really grateful," said second runner-up, 23 year-old engineering student Chuks Obichukwu.

The Mr. Nigeria pageant has been running for the last four years.

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