Thursday 26 January 2012

Call-girl linked to footballer launches lingerie during Paris fashion week

French former call girl linked to an international football player launches underwear line during Paris fashion week.

A self-confessed former call-girl who sprang to international fame following her liaison with international footballer Franck Ribery unveiled on Wednesday (January 25) a line of underwear during the Haute Couture fashion shows in Paris.

Zahia Dehar, who became a household name in 2010 when she said she had had sex with the Bayrern player and another French international while under age, put on an elaborately staged show to an audience of about 300 people.

Dehar treated the spectators to a nature-themed lingerie collection presented by models in the guise of butterflies, flowers and trees.

Paris-based designer Karl Lagerfeld shot Dehar's lookbook, but was not present at her fashion debut at the Chaillot National Theatre, a premium venue in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower.

"It's a real pleasure because he's someone I've always really admired. Working with him was really incredible because he's a really passionate character and he always does unbelievable things. I'm really happy because he really created an amazing universe for my collection," Dehar said.

Creatively, it may not have been the high point of the fashion week at which designers traditionally put on clothes worth tens of thousands of dollars to cater for a few dozen of the planet's super rich. But that did not stop the event drawing considerable media attention-- and also a largely enthusiastic response from the audience.

"From an aesthetic point of view only and without commenting on the character or what that implies regarding money and many other things and other issues which we're not going to talk about here, I am happy to be under the charm of a delicious, refined, delicate collection that is uniquely playful," said Martine, a spectator at the show.

In 2010 Dehar claimed she was only 16 when she had had relations with Ribery. The footballer in turn has said he was unaware of Dehar being a minor. The scandal garnered national attention in the run-up to the World Cup later that year and a police investigation was put off until after the tournament, which France crashed out of.

A judge is due to rule whether the players should be brought to trial, but a prosecutor has recommended that the case be dismissed.

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