Thursday 14 May 2009

Baby Phat Clothes

The Baby Phat clothing line is known today as a sassy and very
sexy fashion with a premier hip-hop brand of clothing for women.
The company has become a phenomenon in style and fashion with
women all over the world.

The Baby Phat clothing line began as a spoof when Kimora Lee
Simmons designed a bunch of tee shirts as a publicity tool with
the name Baby Phat displayed across the front of them.
Celebrities, supermodels, and others began to wear the tees and
they became a favorite and a demand. It was then decided to
launch an entire collection of Baby Phat clothing for women
creating an entire new lifestyle.

Kimora then launched a denim label for Baby Phat which put the
company at the forefront of the urban luxury phenomenon. She was
successful with this endeavor because she had an excellent sense
of style and what women wanted in a sexy jean because of the
fact that she was a supermodel and married to Russell. The jeans
are eye catching and hip hugging and they have become the
signature representing everything about a woman. They also
represent fun, glamour, and being a sensual woman.

Today, the world cannot seem to get enough of the styles
offered by the Baby Phat clothing line and you can find articles
and ads in magazines like Bazaar, Gotham, Seventeen, and Vibe.
Each of these periodicals represent the diversity of the
lifestyle brand of Baby Phat. There are many celebrities who
prefer this clothing line like Brittney Spears, Paula Abdul,
Alicia Keys, and Lil' Kim.

The logo for the Baby Phat clothing line is a slinky feline and
is recognized internationally across the world as a favorite
clothing line for all women. Baby Phat has not only jeans in
their sexy line but also leather outerwear, shoes, handbags,
lingerie, jewelry, mobile phones, fragrances and more.

Women love Baby Phat because it shows that they are hip-hip and
full of fashion, class, and sexy. The clothing line has proven
to be extremely successful and what a woman wants in style and
fashion in all of their clothes today.

Are you searching for the latest woman fashion dresses? Or are
you in search of accessories for women dresses? Please visit the
Baby Phat portal where you can choose from the wide variety of
collections there and purchase it online. The products of Baby
Phat are similar or identical to the latest fashion. The
products may be a jeans or even a cell phone, you are guaranteed
the products of the latest fashion. The online purchase method
of Baby Phat is fool proof.

Baby Phat website has now added shoes and cocktail dresses as a
value addition for its sale. Baby phat sell kids wares and baby
wares now. The cell phones introduced in the market in 2003 by
Baby Phat has grabbed the public attention and now it is a
public attraction. The perfume introduced in the market by Baby
Phat is one of the hottest products in America now.

About The Author: About author: LaCola Berry brings designer
apparels from BabyPhat
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BabyPhat clothes line.

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