Monday 25 May 2009

Basques And Bustiers: More Than Just Bust

With markets flooded with sexy lingerie and all sorts of
additions to the bedroom wardrobe, it's easy to feel anxious and
want to stay away from the whole confusion altogether. Many
women often feel inadequate in the face of lingerie models, but
it doesn't have to be that way. Instead of trying to look like
someone else, a self-assured woman blazes her own trails and
does what feels right. With sexy lingerie, this means fitting
into a variety of sensual ideas and trying them out to see what
fits perfectly.

Bustier or Basque?

Most women know what a bustier is, but they may not be familiar
with the basque. A basque is a type of tight fitting bodice made
to wear as an undergarment. It usually consists of "boning"
meant to support and flatter the lines of your torso. In the
Victorian era, a basque was a long form-fitting jacket. This
type of jacket had a low U or V shaped waist (also known as a
"drop waist"), designed to make the body look longer and
slimmer. Today's basques follow this same pattern. They cling to
the body, uplift the bust line and usually have thin straps.

Bustiers are a fashionable option because they are more comfy
and helpful than the basque. Most bustiers are strapless, but
some include removable straps. Bustiers provide a fuller figure
on most women and improve the bust line through a method that
enhances the support given by cinching in the waist.

Beauty and Function

Sexy lingerie is more than just for playtime. Lingerie that
fits well will improve everything else you wear with it. A
bustier that fits your body appropriately will give you that
much sought after hourglass figure - but make sure it fits
right! You don't want a bustier so tight you look like a sausage
squeezing out at the top and bottom. A fit like that completely
defeats the purpose.

Consider the type of material you're buying, too. You want a
fabric that feels good against your skin, with seams and boning
that won't chaff. Many of today's bustiers are made from soft
flexible fabrics like Lycra. The materials for boning have
changed a lot too. The stiff rods of support that run vertically
through some bustiers and basques were, at one time, made from
real whalebone. You can imagine how uncomfortable that must have
been! Today, the boning is made from flexible plastics that
offer plenty of support without sacrificing comfort.

Bustiers will likely always be favourite options in terms of
sensual, alluring lingerie. For that special striking touch or
for practical purposes, the bustier is the perfect option for
any state of affairs in the wide world of lingerie. The bustier
still impresses, too, and will continue to provoke and excite.

You can always be sure that a sexy lingerie bustier is exactly
what the doctor ordered and will make you look and feel
fabulous. There are so many different types of sexy bustiers
hopefully after reading this article you will know exactly what
type of basque or bustier is perfect for you.

About The Author: Amanda Cotterill has been involved in the
erotic lingerie uk market for many years. This article outlines
the benefits of women wearing sexy costumes of the type shown on

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