Monday 25 May 2009

How To Snare Your Internet Date In The Flesh

You should believe that millions are spent on Internet dating
sites. Early on, there was not much competition to interest a
woman/man from online dating sites, but now people have to work
double time to get the man or woman of their JPEG dreams.

Meeting Your Internet Charmer

After several exchanges of emails, it has been decided - your
date has agreed to meet you. You see her in your mind's eye,
brunette and green eyed, a witty 5'7" doll; your Megan is
finally meeting you at the local coffee shop. You give her your
mobile number in case she runs into problems and she gives you
hers, just in case.

If this is your umpteenth first time date, you're hoping that
this time, the girl is actually a mirror of her .jpeg image, and
you hope that she finds you as good-looking as your uploaded
photo. Instead of worrying about this little details, work on
being sexy. Whether you like her or not on sight, make an effort
to make her remember the guy with the little paunch, but who
sure packs a wallop.

When you have finally reach the appointed place, stay cool.
Women don't like men who act like frightened puppies. They want
their men to be confident without being arrogant, to be cool
under pressure, and to be warm and friendly.

How to Be Sexy On Your First Date

Women and men always have an archetype of their ideal. But
having the perfect physique or the blinding beauty are not
guarantees to snare your date. Aside from the rules of basic
courtesy and chivalry, your best bet to stay on her contacts
list is to be yourself. But here are some tips to help you snare
your date:

* Smile - Smiling gives your date a sense of security and makes
her feel welcome and wanted.

* Listen - Listening with interest to everything she says will
tell you more about her than her emails.

Now if your sixth sense tells you that she likes you, better
play your cards right. You want her to find you irresistible.
Heed the following advice:

* If you are meeting her right after work, freshen up a bit at
the office and make sure your cufflinks, tie, and shirt are well
coordinated. She will understand why you are dressed this way
for a date. You told her you'd be meeting her right after work.

* Do not act desperate for the next date or she will dump you
fast. Instead, tell her you'd like to take her out again on the
weekend, but you're only free the weekend after.

* Do not talk too much about yourself. Be mysterious. The less
you talk about yourself, the more interesting you are. Pique her
interest. She'll be thinking about you when she drives home.

* Avoid making profuse excuses like you wanted to take her to a
swankier place but it's all fully booked. Sounding falsely
humble and grating can turn any woman away.

* Be a gracious host. Make sure she is comfortable and always
ask if she likes anything else. That would make her feel

First dates are exciting but will always end either of two ways
- it'll be a winner, or a flop. Whatever happens, it would
always be nice for a man to be remembered fondly as the sexy guy
who got away. If the date turns out perfectly, meaning both of
you hit it right, you have played your ace well.

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