Monday 25 May 2009

Declaring Your Love With Diamonds

Engagement rings that sparkle are always in demand. And what
better sparkler can one find than a diamond. So are you getting
ready to get down on your knees and propose to your lady love?
Well, you certainly cannot go wrong with a diamond ring. There
really is something about diamonds that make a woman's face
light up. The advertisements on television are constantly
playing on this power of the precious stone. Is it any wonder
then, that diamonds are said to be a girl's best friend. No
matter what her age, every woman in the world is floored by the
magical beauty of a diamond.

It should come as no surprise then that diamond sales are
constantly increasing. Most of us may not be able to buy the
rarest diamonds available in the markets. Those have to be kept
aside for the Paris Hiltons of the world. However, there are
large numbers of diamonds that are equally beautiful and which
can be appreciated just as much if not more. We all know that no
two snowflakes are alike. The same rule holds in the case of
diamonds. Every diamond is a unique piece with characteristics
that are entirely its own.

But what are the factors that set each stone apart from all the
others? The answer lies in the four Cs -- cut, carat weight,
color, and clarity. The higher the ratings for each of these,
the greater will be the value of that diamond. Thus, before you
whip out your credit card to purchase that beautiful diamond
ring, it may be a good idea to understand these four Cs.
Remember that you should be looking for diamonds that allow the
greatest dispersion of light, and which are as clear as

When looking for diamond engagement rings, a lot of people look
out for Antwerp diamonds. Antwerp is one of the top producers of
diamonds in the world. The diamond industry itself is
concentrated in only a few places. However, the market for
diamond jewelry is spread all over the world. Women everywhere
adore the idea of beautiful diamond jewelry. This does not even
have to limit itself to engagement rings or eternity rings. It
could extend to solitaire earrings and heavy diamond-studded
necklaces as well. These days, diamond jewelry is clearly the
favorite of women the world over. Thus, the diamond trade is
flourishing as more and more people decide to invest in diamond

If you are on the lookout for the perfect diamond engagement
ring, it would help to be familiar with the concept of the four
Cs. Make sure you go to a diamond retailer with a good
reputation. A number of retailers seek to raise the carat weight
of a diamond, but as a compromise, end up reducing its sparkle.
Do not let that happen. The greater the sparkle in a diamond,
the greater will be the sparkle in the eyes of the person
receiving the gift of a diamond. Look around before you take
your pick. Remember that diamonds are forever. So choose an
engagement ring for your beloved that will make her yours for

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