Sunday 31 May 2009

Be Fashionable With Clothing Accessories

While some women focus on buying the most expensive clothing
they can afford to look stylish, fashionable women have realized
that expensive clothing doesn't make someone look their best.
Instead, it's the accessories and how the look all comes
together that reflects both your personality and helps you look
your absolute best.

Clothing accessories, from handbags to scarves to what you put
in your hair, can create a very fashionable look without the
need to wear overly trendly clothing. Fads come and go so
quickly that you'd constantly have to be replacing your wardrobe
to try to keep up with all the latest clothing- but with the
right accessories you can make every item in your closet look
fashionable and complete.

First, you will want to be sure you have a few "must have"
items at your disposal to help create your outfits:

- several belts, in a variety of sizes, colors and styles
- scarves, in a few different textures and colors
- purses and handbags
- hair accessories (ribbons, decorative clips, ponytail
- shoes (a girl can never have too many different types of

Once you have your accessory inventory built up, you can easily
accessorize your outfits to pull together a complete,
fashionable look that will impress even the girls in the latest,
most expensive clothing from the trendy store in the mall!

You will want to choose accessories based on how they
coordinate with the colors, textures and fabric of the clothing
you're wearing. If you stock your "accessory inventory" with
neutral colored items, you'll stretch your budget and be able to
create more looks with the same items. You can almost always
work in accessories that are solid colors of white, black and
tan; but having a few selections in more vibrant colors will
help you add interest to your favorite black dress or pants
suit! Try pairing a red hat, red high heels and a red purse with
your black pants suit and you'll be an instant fashionista!

Keep your eye on the fashion magazines to see what women are
wearing and how they accessorize. Are over-sized purses in style
now, or tiny handbags? Do women wear stripes and floral prints
together or are they keeping to more solid patterns at the
moment? Most importantly- pick styles that you are comfortable
with and that make you feel good because the better you feel the
more confident you will be.

Jewelry, shoes and belts help you further accessorize your
outfits and pull a complete look together. You don't need a lot
of jewelry, but having necklaces in different lengths will allow
you to wear a longer chain with a v-neck shirt and a shorter
chain with a sweater. Having matching bracelets or earrings will
help you pull the look all together for a polished look. Pairing
a wide belt with skinny pants is trendy, and you can often
create a whole new look just by changing the style of jewelry
you wear.

Here's a trick that you can do with necklaces! If you want to
help pull the focus away from your neck and face a bit, you can
wear long necklaces as the eyes naturally will follow the line
of the necklace.

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