Tuesday 26 May 2009

Beauty - How to make it skin deep?

It is an old saying that "beauty lies in the eyes of the
beholder" yet women and men are seen resorting to frantic
measures in order to restore their youth and enhance their
beauty. There could not be one woman in the world who is
completely satisfied with her looks. No matter how
beautiful she is, there would always be one aspect of her
external beauty that she would like to improve and work
upon. Women around the world crave to have a flawless and
rosy complexion and a younger looking skin. In order to
achieve the perfect skin, they follow skin care routines

A recent article in a beauty magazine claimed that there
are no ugly women in the world. There can be only two types
of women - beautiful and lazy. The ones who are careful
about their skin and take the pains in order to maintain
their youth are beautiful. The latter category, which is
usually lazy, is simply left wishing for a beautiful face
and a beautiful figure to flaunt, but they don't do
anything in order to improve their looks. It has been
proved by skin experts around the world that taking proper
care of the skin and following the right skin care routine
can actually slow down the effects of aging while lending
the person a more younger looking and beautiful skin. The
most important aspect of beauty starts with beautiful skin.
Other aspects of make up can only enhance the look of a
person. Skin acts like a canvas on which various shades of
make up can be applied. But if the canvas isn't right
itself, there is little that make up can do to make the
person look beautiful.

Proper care of the skin helps to tighten, moisturize and
gradually uplift the dermis of the skin, thus giving it an
internal glow which cannot be achieved by any other beauty
product. Apart from this, there is a big booming industry
of cosmetics and make up products which can contribute a
great deal in transforming a plain Jane into the ultimate
glam diva. Some of the make up products which are used
around the world include the foundation, concealer,
bronzer, blush and lipsticks in an array of colors. Yet
another segment of make up which forms a crucial part of
any woman's beauty regimen is the eye make up. Eye make up
could be anything ranging from eyeliner, mascara to
multi-colored eye shadows. Eye make up can be used either
for subtle or for a completely dramatic effect, depending
upon the time of the day and the occasion.

Though make up can completely transform the look of a
person, care must be taken that only good quality cosmetics
are used on one's skin in order to ensure that these make
up products actually help the person to look good and don't
harm the skin in the long run. It is better to invest in
high quality products rather than trying to save money by
going for inferior products.

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