Sunday 17 May 2009

The Birth Of Roses

The history of roses is very long and colorful. Over the years
they have been symbols of love, beauty, war and politics.
Fossils have been found, which indicate the rose has been around
for approximately 35 million years. There are about 150 species
of roses spread throughout the Northern Hemisphere, from Alaska
to South Africa. 5,000 years ago garden cultivation of the rose
began, which probably was in China. Roses were widely grown in
the Middle East during the Roman period. Roses had several uses
over the years. Many times it was used in celebrations as
confetti. During that time roses were used for medicinal
purposes. Roses were also used as a source of perfume. Large
public roses gardens were established in the south of Rome by
the Roman nobility. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the
roses popularity depended on the gardening trends and fashion of
the time.

During the fifteenth century two different groups were fighting
for the control of England. The rose was used as a symbol of one
side or another. The white rose was the symbol for York and the
red rose was the symbol Lancaster. The conflict came to known as
the "War of the Roses" because roses were used as symbols at the

In the seventeenth century, roses were in extremely high
demand. Royalty considered using roses or rose water as a form
of currency. They were however used as bartered for payment.

In the late eighteenth century cultivated roses were brought to
Europe from China. The modern day rose can be traced back to
this ancestry. The roses from China were repeat bloomers, which
at that time made them interesting and unusual. Hybridizers were
extremely interested, and they started working with native roses
to look for the rose with hardiness and a long bloom season. The
early efforts are of great interest to today's gardeners.

Today once again, roses are basking in a renewed popularity,
more specifically shrub roses, and the old garden roses.
Gardeners have realized the shrub roses and the old garden roses
will fit into a busy, hectic lifestyle better than the some of
the other breeds, which require a lot of attention. Today's
gardener doesn't not have the time to cater to a finicky rose,
which will need constant attention. The other roses offer a
beautiful floral quality; winter hardiness and they will blend
in well with shrub borders or perennial gardens.

If you are trying to grow roses in Midwest gardens, there are
some considerations, which will need to be taken in to
consideration. You will need to get to know the plant selection
in order to find the right one for you. There are a wide
variety of classes available you can take, which will be helpful
such as culture information, potential disease and insect
problems. This will help you in your garden endeavor. This short
guide to rose gardening should help you sort through some of the
confusion about roses and persuade you to include some of these
plants into your garden.

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