Sunday 17 May 2009

Cacharel - Many Perfumes To Choose From

Paris-based fashion house Cacharel is not your ordinary fashion
design center. That is because unlike almost all the other
fashion houses renowned all over the world, Cacharel is not
named after its main designer and founder. Moreover, the
company's various lines like clothes, accessories and Cacharel
perfumes are truly distinct and are offering unique products.

A French designer Jean Bousquet established the company
Cacharel in 1964. The name was derived from the word 'garganey',
a place to be found in Camargue, which is also known as Cacharel
in French language.

Mr. Bousquet was the son of a sewing machine trader. Naturally,
he grew up knowing how to properly and artistically use the
equipment. Since his early childhood, Mr. Bousquet had been
exposed to the world of clothes making. His passion and
expertise earned him the reputation of being one of the best
fashion designers ever born in Paris.

The brand Cacharel has always been characteristic of
femininity, refinement, lightness and youthful style. In its
initial designs, Cacharel the fashion house made use of bright
colors to accentuate wearers' physical beauty and natural

The personality and mood are also conveyed strategically.
Cacharel conquered the international fashion stage when its
seersucker blouse design landed on the cover page of popular
fashion magazine ELLE in the year 1963.

Since then, the business blossomed. Inevitable was the brand's
expansion into other endeavors. Just like all other popular
fashion houses that emerged long before the company, Cacharel
launched its Cacharel perfumes in 1975. Mr. Bousquet entered
into a deal to commission cosmetics and skin care maker L'Oreal
into making and formulating the Cacharel perfumes line.

The perfume brand, just like the Cacharel's other lines,
flourished and turned heads across the market. The very popular
and successful Anais Anais range was developed and launched in
1978. The success of the perfume paved the way for the emergence
of many other Cacharel perfumes.

Among the other perfumes launched by Cacharel are Amor pour
homme, Noa Perle, Amor Amor, Cacharel pour l'Homme, Eau d'Eden,
Promesse, Noa Fleur, Gloria, Noa, Loulou Blue, Eden and Nemo.

As of now, Cacharel perfumes is still actively developing and
launching new scents to please the market. Currently, the latest
fragrance from the brand is called 'Liberte', which is
characterized very much by its fresh citrus scent.

Cacharel perfume has also started taking the support of famous
Hollywood stars and celebrities to endorse and model its line of
perfumes. Liberte is represented by Brazilian model Gisele
Bundchen, Laetitia Casta poses for Promesse, while Kate Moss is
a known endorser and model for Anais Anais.

Cacharel perfumes, just like other Cacharel products and brands
are of high tag prices. Many experts and fashion analysts say
the costs very much compensate and justify the real value and
reliability of the Cacharel brand.

Cacharel perfumes and other luxury goods and clothes from the
company are truly effective representations of how the fashion
house is strongly and excellently striving to give out the best
products it could offer to the very insatiable tastes of the
ever-changing market.

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