Sunday 17 May 2009

Celebrities And Their Favorite Flower Finds

While we all have our own choices of favorite flowers, the top
picks for the latest flower trends and bouquets take more than a
trip to the local florist. Celebrities and the fortunately famous
spend a considerable amount of time meeting with florists and
designers to find the best fit for an upcoming event. From exotic
flower bouquets to understated elegant picks, there is no short
supply of choice for finding the right mix. Creating a unique
bouquet can be cause for exploration itself; whether you are
celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or just need some cheering
up. Tracking down your favorite flower might take some research;
or just some inspiration!

While Britney Spears affirms that white roses are her favorite
flower of choice, other stars such as Angelina Jolie are intent
on tracking down the classic orchid. White roses are considered
to be a sign of courage, and the rose is the provincial flower of
Yorkshire in England. Signifying elegance and mystery, the white
rose grown is a luxury item that few people can afford.

Angelina Jolie's pick for the orchid is a common one, and many
people choose this exotic-looking flower for celebrations and
special occasions. Orchids have a distinct bloom and are
available in a variety of colors and forms. They may have three
to four large petals and extra long stems that require special
vases. Orchids are grown in different tropical areas around the
world, and contain more species than any other types of plants.
Orchids are commonly found in two main forms, where they are
either monopodial or sympodial. Monopodial orchids have long
stems that grow indefinitely, while the sympodial orchids are
known to have limited growth but a variety of colors. They are
considered to be one of the world's most beautiful flowers.

Drew Barrymore is often seen wearing a sunflower or daisy in her
hair, and this fits with her playful and young personality and
style. While Drew Barrymore picks many youthful looks and
characters on screen, her personality still shins through with
her love for daffodils, sunflowers, and daisies. Sunflowers are
native to American soil, and are famous for their oversized
flowering head and striking yellow color. The flowers grow best
in sunlight and are an attractive choice for spring and summer.
The sunflower is often considered a symbol of green ideology,
offering peace and tranquility. In addition, it is the symbol of
the Vegan Society.

Daisies are a Eurasian plant, and tend to grow in standard lawns
and gardens with little cultivation. Daisies are not always
yellow and white in color; variations include a large assortment
of pinks, magentas, orange, and even purple. As part of a bouquet
or gift basket, they can be a vibrant addition to the display.

Daffodils are a popular springtime flower in Europe, and continue
to pop up in the U.S. during the early spring season. Daffodils
are famous for their cheerful yellow and white flower heads, and
are often sent to people as a 'Get Well' gift or 'Thank You'
token of appreciation.

While Paris Hilton proudly proclaims that pink is her color of
choice, it's easy to understand why pink carnations and pink
roses might be her favorite flowers. Pink carnations were also
known as 'Jove's Flower' by ancient Rome as they were
dedicated to the god, Jove. In Korea, pink carnations are a
symbol of gratitude towards parents, and in other areas of the
world the carnation is shared as a symbol of admiration, love,
and gratitude as well. Pink roses symbolize young love and
romance, and are often shared at the beginning of a relationship.
Since pink is also considered a feminine color, it can also
connote grace, gentleness, happiness, and joy.

Even though the world knows that Oprah Winfrey spends a lot of
time giving free makeovers and parties to guests on her show, she
still makes time to stop and smell the roses! Her shows have
featured countless ingenious designs and bouquets, including
assortments of wild orchids, stunning combinations of roses,
eye-catching baskets filled with magnolias, and many more. The TV
host enjoys partnering up with famous florists for themed events
around the world, and her top picks have included more than the
average assortment.

Every celebrity picks a set of flowers most suited to their
personality and the occasion. Your choice in flower bouquets and
selections becomes easier with a little research, and often a
quick trip to your local florist will spring ideas and trends
that you can use to build your own distinct flower bouquets.

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