Sunday 17 May 2009

Celebrity Fragrances: Selling Across The Spectrum

It seems that in today’s show biz world, it’s not enough just
to sing, or act, or dance, you have to be an entrepreneur and
become a brand all your own. One place where this is apparent
is in the fragrance industry. It seems like everyone who’s
anyone has their own fragrance these days, and usually more
than one. Some bonds between the names and fragrances of
celebrity perfumes are pretty clear, while others are a bit
more tenuous. Here’s a breakdown of some scents to help you
smell like your favorite celeb.

In the celebrity fragrance market, Jennifer Lopez is a prolific
perfume designer, with several scents, each theoretically
connected to an aspect of J Lo’s lifestyle and passions. Still
was introduced in 2003. It is a floral scent of freesia,
honeysuckle, orange flower, rose, and jasmine. The floral
fragrances are complemented by an eclectic mix of scents like
sake, earl grey, and white pepper. Miami Glow is more of a
fruity scent, with coconut, pink grapefruit, passion fruit, and
black currant, that also has some floral scents of orange flower
and heliotrope. Finally, the sweetness is tempered a bit by
amber, musk and wood. Her newest scent, Live Luxe, is meant to
embody the feelings Lopez has about dancing, as well as her
passion for all things luxurious. It has peach, pear, apple,
and melon scents, along with freesia and honeysuckle, as well
as sandalwood, vanilla, and musk.

Jessica Simpson appears to be cashing in on her reputation as a
sweetie with her Dessert Treats beauty line, which includes
fragrances that smell like your favorite sugary treats. Her two
perfumes are Candy and Cupcake, while her other beauty products
come in scents such as banana split, bubble gum, and
creamsicle. They are apparently all edible as well and taste
just like their names.

Britney Spears has used her provocative image to market her
fragrances, Curious and Fantasy. Curious was Britney’s first
perfume, and it is a floral featuring the magnolia from Spears’
home state of Louisiana, along with vanilla and musk. Curious In
Control is a darker and more complex fragrance, with essences of
orchid, crème brulee, and black vanilla bean. Fantasy, marketed
as a sort of love potion, is a fruitier scent, with lychee
fruit, quince, and kiwi. The heart scents are sweet, with
flavor of cupcake, and chocolate orchid. The scent is rounded
out with musk and woods.

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