Monday 18 May 2009

: Change Your Look With Womens Silk Scarves

Silk scarves...sometimes the difference between and average
looking and a great looking fashion item can be something as
simple, easy and convenient as a shawl or a scarf belt in your
pocket. Yes, you heard me right...your pocket!

One of the easiest ways for ladies to compliment their stylish
blazers or a smart looking pant suits are with silk
scarves....compact, portable and gorgeous.

Elegant enough to wear to an expensive get together and yet
casual enough to wear around the board room, this fashion
accessories add versatility and style to any wardrobe. So, how
do you use them? Although they could be thrown over the shoulder
or tied loosely around the neck, generally a very excepted way
is to wear them is double-knotted and slightly off center (with
the knot to either side). The great thing is that they can
easily be removed and folded into a totebag or even a pocket in
case circumstances call for slight changes to the ensemble
during the day.

Womens silk scarfs are particularly attractive for the
shimmering look. That's the look they have due to the nature of
the fibers used to make them. These mostly natural fibers are
triangularly shaped and therefore appear to reflect light
differently as a person moves. The angles at which light bounces
off them cause an effect which is not seen among more common
threads and not as smooth materials. Although there are many
imitations, the most famous types comes from silkworm larvae
cocoons and are in designer name brands. But, be sitting down
when you see the price! They are very expensive. But, that
aside, it's quite interesting that something which sounds so
earthy and slimy can be so gorgeous to wear.

The fabric made from such fibers is also surprisingly
adaptable. They are often worn in places where dust and
contaminants may be whirled up from time to time and need to be
kept out of the mouth and hair. One of the more intriguing uses
for these came in the early years of flying when pilots were
constantly being exposed to harmful exhaust and smoke from the
airplanes. Pure ones were worn over the face to filter out some
of the pollutants. Even more amazing is the fact that this
fabric from a worm was used in some of the first bulletproof
vests and as under armor in ancient times. Although it doesn't
have enough strength to stop a weapon on its own, this fabric
could have made the difference between life and death by keeping
an arrow or a long range shot from penetrating the skin too
deeply. Not a bad return for such a thin fabric!

By and large most people today will not be needing protection
from flying arrows. But, the classy sense of elegance gained by
such apparel are the main reason they continue to be popular in
all sorts of wardrobes. Because they add such a great touch to
business wear or dinner wear, they can make all the difference
between an average first impression and a double take. Throw in
the convenience and portability and you'll see why silk scarves
are here to stay in fashion popularity.

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