Monday 18 May 2009

The Fendi Handbag - Find One On Sale

What do you think of when you hear the name Fendi? Fashion?
Quality? Timeless Elegance? Long recognized as a trend setter in
the world of high fashion, Fendi symbolizes the highest quality
in craftsmanship, painstaking attention to detail and only the
most fashionable of clothing and accessories.

The Baguette is most widely recognized and coveted Fendi
handbag. The vintage Baguette is a Fendi handbag that is part of
the pop culture of the 1990s, believed by some to be a cult
object and seen by others as a status symbol. However you see
the Fendi Baguette, you must agree that it is a well recognized
icon in the realm of designer accessories.

Part of the appeal of the Fendi Baguette lies with its great
simplicity. The short shoulder strap was a unique and
revolutionary design at the time the Fendi Baguette was brought
to market, and the name is so appropriate to the way the Fendi
handbag is carried. The association between carrying the handbag
under ones arm to the manner in which the French tend to carry
their loaves of baguette bread implies both elegance and comedy.

Even though the Baguette may be the most widely recognized of
Fendi handbags, Fendi has a comprehensive and diverse line of
designer handbags. There are more than 100 handbags available in
the current Fendi handbag line, and they range in price from
$175 to more than $1,000.

The least expensive Fendi handbag is the Zucca Brown Handbag,
which is both simple and practical. The retail price on this bag
is $450, but it can regularly be found at the discount rate of
$175. Even though this Fend handbag is at the low end of the
Fendi price spectrum, it is a high-quality handbag made with the
excellent craftsmanship for which Fendi is famous.

At the other extreme of the price range lies the Fendi designer
FF monogram canvas shearling trim designer purse. Costing more
than $1,000, this Fendi handbag is made of a combination of the
highest leather with FF monogram canvas and features engraved
hardware. Additional features include a full interior lining
with a pocket.

There are numerous other Fendi handbags available between these
two extremes of the pricing spectrum. When you decide to invest
in a Fendi handbag, you will be purchasing a superior quality
and highly fashionable elegant handbag that will likely last for
a lifetime.

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