Friday 22 May 2009

Costume Jewelry - The Captivating Romance of Fabulous Fakes and Costume Jewelry

The roaring 20's saw the birth of costume jewelry in the United
States. Fabulous Fakes is a term used for Antique American
Costume Jewelry. It is generally fashioned of sterling silver,
gold plated metals, colorful glass stone as well as stunning
rhinestones. Many designers such as Miriam Haskell began
producing their lines of jewelry styles near the mid-twenties.
Meanwhile during the 20's and 30's, many immigrants from Europe
began producing their own lines of superb jewelry styles in
places such as New York, Chicago and Providence, Rhode Island.

In the 1940's Hollywood celebrities began wearing costume
jewelry in films as well as in their everyday lives, this helped
increase the popularity of this type of jewelry. Joseff of
Hollywood is one of the most well know designers of such items,
while other popular designers include, Nettie Rosenstein,
Eisenberg Originals, Hattie Carnegie as well as Napier and
Ciner. The most difficult to find are pieces that date from the
1930's and into the mid-fifties. While the most desirable of
all, are pieces that are signed by the designer or bear
hallmarks as they are the most valuable to possess.

Today collecting vintage costume jewelry is very trendy and
popular. It is possible for various antique pieces to sell for
more than a few thousand dollars. One of the boldest of fashion
statements is wearing classic costume jewelry. Today you will
find that many celebrities enjoy wearing their favorite costume
jewelry, such as Demi Moore, Sarah Jessica Parker, Diane Keaton,
Nicolette Sheridan and of course, Madonna. With all those
bright, bold and vibrant colors on a larger than life scale, who
can blame them for showing off their antique costume jewelry?
Vintage pieces are extremely stunning and original owing to
their thoughtful craftsmanship.

Costume Jewelry Collector Tips

While searching for precious antique pieces, you should keep
these tips in mind, since they can be difficult to fix, make
sure the pin clasps function properly and avoid pieces that are
turning green. You should also avoid pieces that are missing
their stones, since they are not easily replaceable. Some of the
best places to look for vintage costume jewelry include flea
markets and antique fairs and garage sales, since they generally
turn up some very interesting pieces at good prices, sometimes
even unbelievable deals. Another interesting place to find great
deals on such pieces include rummaging through church bazaars,
since you may be able to find jewelry that has been packed away
by someone's dear old aunt or grandmother.

You can build your own memorable family heirlooms by purchasing
discount costume jewelry. Besides you can build your own
personal collection of breathtaking modern pieces, and possibly
have in your collection something as desirable and valuable as
those sought by collectors of antique pieces today. For
instance, if its affordable it would be beneficial to you to
purchase several pieces from designers such as, Prada and
Armani, especially considering their couture collections.
Especially since these pieces are genuinely original and made
only in very small quantities.

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