Friday 22 May 2009

Fragrances: Smelling Better Every Day

Do you currently wear fragrances? If so, when was the last
time you tried a new one? Are you like most people who
find one scent that they like and stick with it forever?
Why be stuck with just one brand? It may be your favorite
smell, but what if the person you are dating or your spouse
cannot stand that scent? What if he or she gets tired of
it? By switching up your chosen scent on a regular basis,
you can avoid stagnation and keep things fresh.

What is your preferred fragrances? I like old fashion
perfume, but many prefer lotions, creams and even body
washes to give just the right amount of fragrance to carry
you throughout the day. It is important to have a few
different styles of application methods to insure that you
have whatever form you need for whatever the situation
calls. Again, you can have a favorite, but do not limit
yourself. You can carry a scented hand crèlotion in
your purse or pocket that will allow you to freshen up in a
delicate and un-noticed manner.

As for scent, I feel that it is important to have a few
choices to keep things new, as well as help you get through
the day. It has been proven that scents have different
effects on the mind of the person smelling them. This is
where the aromatherapy craze came from. Why not take
advantage of this knowledge and have a few fragrances that
you where according to your mood? If you are feeling down,
then a pick me up scent like rose. If you are feeling
agitated or stressed.

Above all, remember that the fragrances that you were on a
daily basis are for you. By picking scents that compliment
or improve your mindset, you will get more out of your
perfumes and colognes than just a bit of good smell. Be
sure to try new things and broaden your horizons at every
opportunity, as this is the only way to learn anything new
about yourself and life.

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