Monday 25 May 2009

Curvy Jeans Are Popping up Everywhere

First of, let me clarify a bit: Curvy women really describes
more than one type of figure; the shapely figure that has a high
waist to hip ratio, as well as figures that carry a little extra
weight on them.

Either way, curvy women and curvy girls are getting ever
increasing notice today. To be curvy is to be sexy. And
curviness isn't just limited to hips and torso, but curvy butts
also are a special group all their own. Some super-stars like
Tyra Banks and Jennifer Lopez have left an indelible impression
in our minds of what it means to be curvy. However, there seems
to be a lack of curvy jeans available. Typically, jeans tend to
gap at the waist or are too tight in the thighs.

How do they find curvy jeans that fit? It can be tough at times
as many styles today offer a straight-leg and less shapely style
around the thighs, buttocks, and smaller waists. Brazilian jeans
cater to the needs of the curvier women, and are quite often the
best jeans for curvy figures. There are countless girls out
there that have been frustrated by the lack of nice curvy jeans.

Distinguishing between jeans for curvy girls from regular jeans
while shopping can be a challenge. When in doubt, just ask! Only
in recent times have Lev's, Gap, Express and other mainstream
brands really began to boost production of curvy jeans (although
they can still be few and far between). Jeans for curvaceous
bodies are beginning to become more common.

Buying a pair of curvy jeans is not difficult if you know what
to look for. If you want to accentuate the curvy figure you
have, look for jeans that are snug, and flared. Jeans that have
2% – 3% elastic in them are ideal. A low-cut also helps quite a
bit. You will find that many Brazilian jeans fit this style, as
the Brazilian culture where they originated appreciates the
female figure much more than some of us North Americans.

If you are trying to reduce the look of your curviness, here's
what you need: A mid-size, medium or even dark denim color will
give the illusion that your body isn't quite as curvy as you
would like for it to be. As for the cut, you might look into
getting a boot-cut, or mild boot-cut as this will make your legs
look longer and thinner. This is especially true with a heel
versus just a straight leg. Don't go overboard though. A
straight jean for a curvy person kind of squares them off a
little bit. So you want to have a nice line from the waist to
the bottom of the jean that is attractive and has a soft
silhouette visual to it.

Either way, you have options when shopping for jeans for a
curvy figure.

While we're on the topic, I think there has been a lot of
chatter as of late regarding the ideal body shape, but what is
the ideal waist-to-hip-ratio? Well, there's no magic number,
although you may have heard it was 36-24-36 (inches), or
90-60-90 (cm); but we like this new formula better: curvy +
women = sexy. Just be yourself and appreciate what you have been
given whether straight or curvy.

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