Thursday 14 May 2009

Dating Advice - The 'Perfume to Her Room' Technique

Here's a Super effective dating advice we've had a lot of
success with:

I call it- 'Perfume to Her Room'

I usually use it on a first date, but for the more advanced
it can also be used immediately after opening her. Lets
assume for this example that you are meeting her at a bar
for a date and you've just walked in. (Because naturally
you were later than her right?;)

Step 1: Establish a reason to get physically close to her.
(hug, high five, doesn't matter)

Step 2: Notice her perfume.

Step 3: Say something like: "Oh my God, what is that?? That
smells amazing!" Even if it stinks. You now have a
legitimate reason to continue smelling her throughout the

Step 4: Look for opportunities throughout the interaction
to keep smelling her. You can say something like, "Man,
your perfume really is great, I gotta smell that again."
Don't ask for permission to smell it, you simply can't

Providing you are both having a decent time this trick will
allow you to smoothly transition from innocently smelling
her to eventually nuzzling your face in her neck. Now at
some point she will become totally conscious of what you
are doing...but that's okay! Usually by the time that
happens you've already created a good amount of intimacy
and she is fine with it.

So you may be wondering, 'how many times over the course of
a date should I actually smell her?'

As many as you like. Usually I am in the ballpark of 4-8.
The important thing is not how many times, but whether or
not each time is progressively becoming more intimate.

You may also be wondering, 'when is the best time to do it?'

I personally like to save it for right after a highpoint in
the interaction. (A shared laugh, a moment of meaningful
eye contact, etc.) However, these dating tips can also
function as a failsafe to pull out of your back pocket if
you run out of things to talk about or you want to change
the subject.

And finally, what happens when she says, "I'm not wearing
any perfume." Simple adjustment: Do everything explained
above just change the word perfume to soap or even natural
scent. Ex: "Not perfume?? No way, I don't believe you. Let
me check again... (you double check;) Well, you've got the
best damn natural scent I've ever smelled. Wow."



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