Thursday 14 May 2009

How to Pick Your Signature Perfume

It's important to separate yourself from the pack. You need to
stand out, and there are a number of ways to accomplish this
goal. Many people show off their unique personality through
dress, hairstyle, or shoe selection. For something a little more
understated, but just as powerful, consider selecting a scent
that will immediately identify you to the people you come in
contact with everyday. At first, they won't quite know why
they're having these powerful, memorable feelings. After all,
scent is supposedly the sense most strongly linked to memory.
With time, however, they'll come to associate that certain
wonderful fragrance with you. Once that connection is made, it
won't easily be forgotten.

How can you figure out which scent best matches your style and
personality? A large part of the equation is a simple "smell
test". Go into any local department store, and try on a number
of different perfumes. Pick the one that you like the most, and
give it a trial period. Wear it to work, out to the bar, and in
other social situations where you'll be in close contact with
others. It's wise not to mention that you're trying a new
perfume. Let their opinions come to you. That way, you'll know
that you're getting honest feedback instead of superfluous

This first perfume doesn't have to be the signature scent that
you're wedded to for eternity. Now it's time to think about the
other aspects of the scent. What does it represent? You would be
surprised by the subconscious thoughts and ideas that perfumes
can trigger in others. A strong perfume will immediately take
another person aback, demanding their attention. This could have
a mixed result; do you really want to create such a strong
impression before you've even had the chance to introduce
yourself? Perhaps you'd be better served by something a little
less powerful, a scent that flies under the radar until the prey
is within reach. Likewise, are you after a more fruity scent, or
something that is a bit more masculine?

The scent alone shouldn't be the only consideration for
deciding on your signature scent. Perhaps equally important,
what is the price tag attached to the bottle? You don't want to
get addicted to a perfume that you'll only be able to use
sparingly. Consider that your signature perfume is just that: a
statement that will make people think of you, and you
exclusively. That's why picking something out of your price
range is shortsighted. Instead, consider a slightly less
expensive option that won't break the bank each month.

Choosing your signature perfume should be a fun process, and an
expression of exactly what makes you an individual. Remember
that you don't have to settle on the first scent that you come
across. Take your time, and experiment with different options
that best express your personality. As months turn into years,
this scent will become a lasting part of your image to the
world, and one that people will look to for evidence that you've
graced the room with your presence.

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