Thursday 14 May 2009

How to Make Your Bedroom Even More Romantic

An attractive, inviting bedroom can play a big role in keeping
the romance alive in your relationship. Whether you're looking
to completely redesign your bedroom or just add a few decorative
touches, there are plenty of ways in which you can create a
romantic haven where you and your other half can unwind after a
busy day and rediscover your love and affection for each other.

If you want to keep the focus on romance in your bedroom, it's
important to eliminate other distractions. This means keeping
the room clean and free of clutter. Links with the outside world
such as telephones, TVs or computers should ideally be kept in
another room or placed somewhere unobtrusive. Avoid bringing the
stress of the workplace into your bedroom -keep office files and
documents well out of sight!

You may not be able to change the size or location of your
bedroom, but repositioning the furniture can dramatically change
the appearance of your room. If your bedroom is smaller than
you'd like, positioning the bed at an angle in a corner can make
the room appear larger, while mirrors add depth. If your room
looks bare, a plain wooden floor can be made more romantic with
the addition of a richly patterned oriental rug or carpet.

Beds and romance

Your bed is obviously the key piece of furniture in your room
when it comes to love and romance!

Certain styles of bed, such as four-poster, Victorian or canopy
beds evoke old-fashioned romantic moods, while for some couples
the playfulness and adventure of a waterbed does the trick.
Generally speaking, large, soft, inviting beds of any type are
romantic when everything else is right.

For a luxurious, sensual feel, sheets should be made of satin,
silk or soft, high-quality cotton. Quilts and bedspreads
decorated with lace or embroidered with floral designs are very
romantic and feminine. Scattering a number of soft, fluffy
pillows in different sizes and colours on your bed creates a
charming effect. Curtains or valences with fringes, beads, or
lace can complement the style of your bed and add detail and
elegance to your windows.

Inspire romance using all the senses

The colour of the walls in a room is known to have an influence
on our mood.

Your choice of colours will be determined by your personal
taste, but be aware that softer colours are more relaxing and
tend to inspire serenity. Red and pink are associated with love
and passion, however too much of these colours could be
overpowering, so combine touches of red or pink with a neutral
background colour such as white or cream. Whatever colour scheme
you choose, make sure you keep it consistent, as introducing too
many colours or styles creates disharmony in your room.

Flowers are always romantic and instantly brighten up a room.
For a classic romantic gesture, red roses are the obvious
choice, though daisies and tulips are popular alternatives.

The artwork you hang on your walls can also be used to inspire
romance. Display your artistic taste with beautiful prints,
watercolours or oil paintings, or for something more personal to
your relationship, hang a series of photographs of the two of
you, or other mementos that have special meaning. Surrounding
yourself with personal memories can inspire your relationship
like nothing else.

We all know soft lighting is crucial for creating a romantic
atmosphere, whether it's in a dimly lit restaurant or at home in
your bedroom. Candles are indelibly linked with romance, so
light as many as you like, in all sizes, colours and scents. You
could also install lights that can be dimmed or make use of
bedside lamps with shades in a soft colour. Don't allow external
light to spoil the mood - If there's a harsh streetlight outside
your window, block it with curtains.

Scent can also have a significant effect on our emotions. To
set the mood with scent, use perfumed candles, essential oils
burned in an oil burner, or simply a splash of your favourite
perfume on your sheets. Choose calming or sensual scents such as
jasmine, ylang ylang, rose or vanilla and don't overdo scent to
the point where it becomes overpowering. In addition, bear in
mind any allergies or sensitivities to scents your partner may

Finally, soft music is a key element in setting a romantic
mood. Place a stereo in your bedroom with the speakers away from
the head of the bed, so the sound is not too intrusive. Make a
CD with a collection of romantic songs or music (bearing in mind
again your partner's taste). Be creative, be inspired, and
revitalise the romance in your life!

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