Saturday 16 May 2009

Discover Elegance With Sexy & Romantic Chemises

Traditionally, chemises have been worn underneath dresses as
simple functional undergarments. However, in more recent years,
the chemise has become a very romantic piece of naughty
lingerie. Chemises appeal to women of every taste, as they are
available in styles ranging from demure to blatantly sexy. Here
is what you need to know about this very versatile piece of
women's lingerie.

What is a Chemise?

Chemises date to at least the Ancient Roman times. Traditional
chemises are the first known example of women's lingerie. At
that time, they were simply tunics that were designed to keep
sweat and body oils away from clothing. Today's designs have
changed, but the loose yet skimming design continues to hold

Historically, chemises were made of rough, common fabrics.
However, today's chemises are most often made from silk or other
soft, romantic fabrics. You can even find sexy chemises in lace,
mesh and other racy choices. A short chemise that is worn with
matching panties is also known as a camisole.

Modern chemises are sometimes similar to babydolls or short
nighties, offering a fully-covered but daring body-skimming
look. Labels can be confusing, so be sure not to rule out
possible choices based only on their labels. Shop in several
categories of lingerie to find the garment that is best for you.

How are Chemises Sized?

Chemise sizing is quite simple. Traditional chemises do not
have built-in cups, although some more daring modern styles
contain this feature. Consequently, chemises are generally sized
according to dress sizes. Look for a fit that is loose enough to
be comfortable but tight enough to present a sexy silhouette.

Because sizing is so easy, chemises make excellent gift ideas
as well. Consider giving a sexy chemise to a bride to be or a
soft and elegant piece to a young girl who longs to feel grown

What Styles Are Available?

Chemises are available in a wide range of styles from mild to
wild. Choose a pretty full coverage chemise with long sleeves
and a demure neckline for a sweet, slightly old-fashioned look.
If your tastes run more toward hot lingerie, choose a sleeveless
short style in a daring fabric such as lace or mesh. If you will
wear the chemise as an undergarment, be sure to find a simple
style that lacks elaborate detailing, which may show under tight
fitting clothing.

Chemises are among the most romantic styles of lingerie. A
chemise is extremely versatile as well, taking the place of a
slip and even a bra. At night, a soft and beautiful chemise
makes an excellent bedtime garment. You can find chemises that
are as racy or demure as you prefer, making them an excellent
choice for women of all tastes. It is easy to shop online for
chemises due to the ease of finding the correct size. Many women
choose to collect chemises in a variety of styles that are
appropriate to different occasions.

Whatever the sexy lingerie chemise you choose you must be
comfortable in your outfit so that you can be confident and at
ease with your partner. There is a wide choice of sexy lingerie
today so make sure you take full advantage of it.

About The Author: Amanda Cotterill has been involved in the
silk lingerie market for many years. This article outlines the
benefits of women wearing chemises of the type shown on

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