Saturday 16 May 2009

Scarf Belts... Add Flair To Your Fashion Look

Scarf belts for that extra flair! Many women have been turning
to new ways to accessorize their wardrobe and compliment their
summer dresses and evening wear. Scarves and shawls have long
been worn over the shoulders and around the neck as one way to
do this, but lately the scarf belt has also become popular.

These accessories are basically what they sound like: worn
around the waist. Generally they wrap around once or twice and
then are either joined in the middle by a buckle or a knot so
that the remainder of the scarf belt hangs loosely down the
side, the front, or the back. These fashion statements can be
knotted and dangling at the small of the back can look almost
like a train for a gown and give a sense of elegance to the
dress being worn.

A belt tied in front can give just the right detail to an
otherwise plain colored dress and give that sense of motion and
fluidity as a person walks. Less commonly, they can be tied and
hanging from the side can set the dress apart from the norm and
give that extra edge.

Strictly speaking, these scarf belts need to be made of
relatively thin material or they end up adding bulk where
slimness is desired and become cumbersome at precisely the place
where agility is required. For this reason, silk and satin are
popular fabrics for this type of clothing. One can also find
sequined and crocheted varieties, as well as different types of
synthetic fabrics.

The color and design needs to be chosen in relation to that
which it will accessorize (That's why its important to have
several). If it will be worn upon a decorative dress with a
certain design then it will either need to match that design or
be plainly colored to match and draw out one of the colors
within the design of the dress. If it will be worn upon a
plainly colored dress then it can add detail to the look by
having a design or a complimentary color of its own.

Something else to consider when choosing and purchasing one is
how exactly it is going to be worn around yourself. Some prefer
to keep it simple and to loosely knot the it in the desired
location. Others wish to have a buckle or a pin of some sort
which can further accentuate the look of itself. Either way they
will choose to have each side of it dangle at equal lengths or
they will offset them for a less exact but no less fluid look.

Remember, its important to have several available (how about
keeping them in your car?) so you can quickly and easily change
your look to fit the impromptu occasion. Add a bright colored
one when going out to meet friends at your favorite drinking
spot. will be noticed.
Or use a more subdued one to wear at work and on that important
first date.

Regardless of how they are worn or what style and fabric in
which they are made, scarf belts are a wonderfully versatile and
elegantly beautiful way to add to any wardrobe and compliment
what you are wearing.

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