Sunday 31 May 2009

Evening Bags For Ladies

Women have a special taste for choosing their handbags. They
want them to look stylish and appropriate for the occasion at
the same time. This is more visible when they head out in the
evening, either to their friends' home or to any other outdoor

The handbag that women caries is very important in terms of the
overall look it lends to the lady. No matter how good the dress
they wear might be, if the bag they carry does not match with
their dress, then the whole appearance is spoiled. If you are
going to buy an evening bag, the main thing here is to see if
the color of the dresses that you usually wear matches with the
color of the bag.

There are some factors which need to be considered when you
purchase a woman's bag.

a) Color of the bag:

The color should match with the dress you are wearing at that
time. Most women usually prefer to buy a black color bag as it
matches with most of the dresses. It also gives an elegant look
to the lady. If the dress is simple, then the bag can have
intense colors.

On the other hand, if you are going to buy a busy design bag
with extreme colors, you should wear a simple dress. Hence, this
means that the color of the dress and the color of the bag used
must be strictly opposed to each other.

b) Number of compartments:

The plastic bag should have a large number of partitions which
are enough to hold all your accessories and items. The bag
should be such that you should be able to take out whatever you
need quickly. If you start searching your bag for a specific
item in front of other people in will look very awkward. Having
greater number of sections in your bag also makes it possible to
arrange all your items in your bag properly instead of muddling
them up together.

c) Size of the bag:

However, evening bags carried by women should not be larger
than required. There should be sufficient space in it just to
carry the necessary items. Too large bags tend to get very
heavy. With availability of excess space, you have a tendency to
add all your stuff to it. Apart from this, too big bags often
look very odd and the women are carrying those bags reluctantly.

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