Sunday 17 May 2009

Famous Bridal Gowns in Movies

Two of the most legendary style icons of any time are Audrey
Hepburn and Grace Kelly. Ask any bride whose style she would
love to emulate on her wedding day, and she will very likely
name these two beauties. They both starred in movies in the mid
1950s wearing very special bridal gowns that are still inspiring
brides today.

One of the most famous movie dresses of all time is the
stunning ballerina length bridal gown worn by Audrey Hepburn in
Funny Face. Her character, Jo, was not being married at the time
she wore the dress – she was modeling it in Paris. The scene
with the gown is one of the most memorable in movie history,
first and foremost because Miss Hepburn looks breathtaking.

The gown itself was a stunning ballet length white dress with a
wonderful full skirt designed by Givenchy. It had a fitted
bodice with a drop waist, and a portrait neckline with tiny cap
sleeves. The silhouette was amazing for dancing (with Fred
Astaire, no less), and the shorter length showed off her
adorable shoes. This style of gown would be incredible for a
bride who loves the look of classics, but at the same time,
wants to be a little daring (ie, not wearing a floor length

The look of Audrey Hepburn's Funny Face wedding gown translates
perfectly to modern weddings. It is feminine, graceful, and fun,
and has a charming vintage appeal without seeming at all dated.
In other words, it is sheer bliss. Many fans of Miss Hepburn
will find that a ballerina length gown could work for their
wedding. It would be a wonderful choice for an afternoon garden
wedding or a morning ceremony in a church. The absence of a
train also makes this a great option for a bride who loves to

Accessories for this type of gown should include a very fluffy
veil (possibly only to the waist), pretty shoes, and very
polished looking jewelry. Bridal jewelry sets with classic
pearls would be lovely for a 1950s inspired wedding dress. The
portrait neckline is made to feature a beautiful necklace, and
the timeless elegance of pearls will hit just the right note.

Another signature movie from the 1950s is High Society starring
the incomparable Grace Kelly. In this movie, Miss Kelly's
character is being married for the second time; in the end, she
remarries her first husband instead of her fiance. In the '50s,
second time brides definitely did not wear a traditional white
bridal gown, and this was the case in High Society. The dress
was a soft yellow with a floral sprig design – very summery and
light in feeling. The sheer three quarter length sleeves were a
lovely detail, and naturally, Grace Kelly looked stunning in it.

For brides being remarried, it is a very nice option to choose
a beautiful dress in a soft color instead of wearing the full
bridal regalia. The location and formality of the wedding will
be important considerations in deciding whether to wear a full
gown or simply a special dress. In addition, some brides feel
like a flowing white gown with a train is just too much for
their second wedding. Depending on the age of the bride, she may
also feel a bit silly in a big Cinderella gown, and instead make
a more individual choice in attire. The type of dress worn by
Grace Kelly would be best finished off with a wide brimmed hat
with floral millinery details. Being a bride, you will still
want to be fully accessorized. Look for bridal jewelry sets with
unique elements; Miss Kelly wore Swarovski crystals in High
Society, so that would be a fabulous choice for your wedding

Every bride wants her wedding to be special and elegant. If you
are seeking fashion ideas for your wedding, you couldn't do
better than to use Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn as role
models. With their sophistication and impeccable taste to guide
you, your wedding will surely live up to your dreams.

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