Friday 15 May 2009

The Five Best Hybrid Roses

Do you enjoy roses and their pure elegance? Do you like getting
roses for a special occasion? Do you wish you could have a
garden full of roses each year? Many people enjoy all of these
things; however, some of us are not born with green thumbs, and
some of us never seem to obtain that green thumb. If you are
completely new with gardening or you seem to kill even the
easiest to take care of indoor plants, don't fret. With the vast
variety of roses, there are many hearty roses that do not
require a lot of work. Whether you're a new gardener, you don't
have time to take care of a rose garden, or you don't have a
green thumb, a hybrid rose bush might be your best option.

1. One of the best roses around is the Betty Prior Rose. This
bush blooms during growing season, and the blooms never seem to
end! The roses that this plant produces are breathtaking. The
buds start off pink and blossom into a beautiful white rose.
These roses are perfect for a gift or to keep around the house!
The bush is very compact and it usually never grows over 3 ft.
The Betty Prior Rose is very hardy and it is a great choice for
anyone who loves roses but does not always have the time or
experience to take care of them.

2. Another great rose bush that does not require a lot of
attention is the Knockout Rose. This bush produces lovely roses
that come in all different shades of pink, from magenta to a
light pastel pink. This hybrid rose bush is one of the most
enjoyable. It is very disease resistant, so you never have to
worry about purchasing fungicides or spending time checking the
leaves of the bush every week. It is also known to minimally
attract insects. The Knockout Rose bush is very hardy and can
even last in cold weather. The bush needs only a few hours of
sun to live, so you can plant it anywhere!

3. The Nearly Wild rose bush is the perfect bush that is tough
yet beautiful. The bush is known for its wildness because it
grows and grows. When it grows, the Nearly Wild produces a thick
bushy shrub. It does not grow very tall, ranging from 2ft. to
3ft. and it spreads and spreads. The flowers also add to this
bush's greatness. The blooms are a beautiful pink that no one
would want to pass up.

4. The Rugosa Magnifica hybrid rose bush is also one that
requires minimal work. This rose has been around since 1905. The
bush is able to live in all sorts of weather conditions, whether
it is warm, cold, or a drought; the Rugosa Magnifica bush will
still produce blossoms of color! This bush can be planted
anywhere in the world, no matter where you live. From beachside
to countryside, this hybrid rose bush is sure to provide you
with the flowers you want. The roses are usually a crimson red,
perfect to give to your significant other or an important
friend. This bush can grow to be slightly taller than others,
usually ranging from 5 ft. to 6 ft. The Rugosa Magnifica is a
preferred bush because it is insect resistant and flowers more
than once. The flowers keep on coming!

5. The Belle Poitevine Rugosa, which is related to the Rugosa
Magnifica, is another hardy bush for any rose lover. This bush
is so hardy that it can tolerate poor soil. If you have soil
that is rocky or mixed with clay, this bush is perfect for you.
The Belle Poitevine Rugosa can also live in the shade. The
flowers are a lovely magenta color that is accented by dark
green leaves. The blossoms are large and usually come more than
once in the blooming season. The best part of this rose bush is
that it provides a very strong scent. If you enjoy smelling the
roses, this is the bush for you.

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