Friday 15 May 2009

What Type of Bride Are You?

Successfully planning a wedding is a little like matchmaking.
You have the bride, and somewhere out there is the perfect gown
for her, the ideal wedding location, and the cake that will make
her swoon. It's all a matter of matching up the right bride to
the right wedding concepts. If you identify your basic style, it
will make the wedding planning process much easier.

Traditional Bride: Did you start planning your wedding when
you were eight years old? Do you imagine a bridal party with
seven bridesmaids, two junior bridesmaids, and a flower girl?
Are you very sentimental? If so, you are a Traditional Bride.
Traditional Brides are happiest with wedding trappings that
remind them of the black and white photos of their grandmother's
wedding. They love lace, and long trains, and pearl drop wedding
jewelry. A traditional bride will be happiest with a wedding in
a house of worship, followed by a reception in an historic hotel
ballroom. The honeymoon will be two weeks in Hawaii. She will
save her bridal gown so that it can be cut down into her first
daughter's Christening gown one day.

Classic Bride: Is your favorite wedding phrase, "simple but
elegant"? Do you read the Martha Stewart Weddings magazine from
cover to cover each month? Do monograms make your heart sing? If
so, you are a Classic Bride. Classic Brides love clean lines,
timeless style, and understated elegance. Your ideal wedding
reception will be held in a yacht club or your family's country
club. The d├ęcor can be all-white for the most formal weddings,
or can feature color combinations like pink and green or baby
blue and chocolate brown. You will be delighted by floral
displays with bunches of one single type of flower, such as
peonies, roses, or tulips. A classic strand of pearls is your
perfect wedding jewelry. Loud d.j.s make you cringe.

Earthy Bride: Do you love wildflowers? What about contra
dancing? Is your dream to be married in a field and bake your
own cake? If so, you are surely an Earthy Bride. You will be
happiest with an outdoor wedding in a beautiful natural
location. Seasonal, organic food served family style will be
just right for your reception. An Earthy Bride will be radiant
in a pretty linen bridal gown with unique handcrafted wedding
jewelry. Great ideas for your favors include a little tree that
can be planted, or something handmade like a jar of jam or maple
syrup. For an especially auspicious start to your marriage,
schedule your wedding for the summer solstice.

Diva Bride: Will you only wear a bridal gown from a top
designer? Do you want to have the tallest wedding cake the baker
has ever made? Did you dye your dog's fur to match your wedding
colors? If you quit your job to concentrate full time on
planning your wedding, then you are definitely a Diva Bride. The
Diva Bride lives to be the center of attention, and everything
about her wedding must be the biggest, the best, and the most
extravagant. The diva will have all eyes on her in a heavily
beaded bridal gown with opulent crystal wedding jewelry. Her
motto is: "More sparkle, please!". The wedding venue has to be
absolutely fabulous for a diva bride – think St. Patrick's
Cathedral or a castle.

The truth is that all brides have a little bit of everything in
them (especially the diva!). You should love your wedding, down
to the smallest detail (and of course the biggest one – the
groom!). Finding the style that feels most natural to you will
help you to personalize your wedding and make it really feel
like your own custom event.

About The Author: Bridget writes frequently about weddings and
jewelry. She has extensive experience working with brides and
appreciates their concerns. Come to to select the perfect wedding

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