Sunday 31 May 2009

Get Back Your Confidence, Get A Modest Swimsuit!

The new breed of modest swimsuits has been redesigned to
follow Islamic tradition and therefore cover the whole
body, only allowing the face, hands and feet to show at all

The design is becoming increasingly popular in the western
world, it is not just a product for Muslimahs, women in
Australia, Turkey, America and across Europe are choosing
to wear full body swimming costumes for a variety of
reasons. The main reason is that they can dress modestly
and feel confident at the same time.

More and more western tourists are now visiting Islamic
countries which means that a modest swimsuit is an ideal
solution for a non-Muslim woman who does not want to feel
self-conscious in the surrounding environment. The swimsuit
can easily be packed into a suitcase or bag and taken on
holiday so that the woman can feel more confident and
relaxed on the beach swimming in the sea.

The new, more recently designed swimwear ranges now provide
a more comfortable fit whilst participating in water
sports. Now that more stylish modest swimming suits are
available on the market many Muslim women can compete in
water sports whereas before, they were not allowed to
participate due to the unsuitability of the designs offered
at the time. This began to change most notably in the 2004
Olympic Games when an Islamic girl from Pakistan was
allowed to compete in the swimming competitions wearing a
full body swimsuit. It would be interesting to see an
increase in female Muslims during future international
sports events now that this type of sportswear is available
and accepted.

Even women who do not swim at a competitive level are
finding that their lives are enhanced by the availability
of this new modest sportswear option. "The new style modest
swimwear has helped me to enjoy swimming and playing beach
ball because of the comfort and the modest fit," says
Fatima, an 18 year old student from the UK. Fatima had to
give up swimming a few years ago because the original
swimwear for Muslimahs had a number of design faults which
meant that the garments slipped around when the women were
doing any type of water sports. Now Fatima enjoys swimming
regularly without any worries.

Across the globe and increasing number of modest swimsuits
are being snapped up by women keen to take part in more
water activities. Worldwide, Muslim women have been
accepted for the lifeguard training courses and allowed to
wear certain models of modest bathing costume that are
available to them. This demonstrates the advance and
innovation in the design of this product, the modest
swimsuit is no longer a hindrance to women, it allows them
the freedom to swim easily and with total confidence.

About the Author:

Bodykini, one of the leading Muslim swimwear products
available on the market, was designed by Oliver Momeni to
enhance the lifestyle of the active Muslim women whilst
upholding the Islamic value of modesty. The Bodykini modest
swimwear collection was created to improve athletic
performance in water and has several unique design features
that allow complete movement while swimming. For more
information go to:
[email protected]

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