Sunday 31 May 2009

The Low Down On Maternity Clothes

Women don't lose their style, their uniqueness, their
individuality, just because they become pregnant. They want to
look wonderful – chic and fashionable – regardless of their ever
increasing bump.

When a women finds out she is pregnant, along with the
excitement and anticipation, she steps into unknown territory
and combined with a rapidly expanding waistline it can be a
daunting experience! It is very hard to imagine how big and hard
one's belly grows.

There is a vast range of emotions going on inside a woman's
head as she starts to discover the monumental changes occurring
to her body and in her mind as she prepares for the birth of her

Contrary to the general assumption pregnant women aren't in a
head long rush to wrap their growing belly in frumpy and billowy
tops and dresses.

The clothes she wants to wear are exactly what she normally
wears - but with clever adaptations for her growing bump and

The foundation of a maternity clothes collection is based on
stylish classics as well as must-have essentials and ideally
each season high fashion themes and fun seasonal elements are
added in.

Maternity clothes are only worn for a certain amount of time
and during those months they have to work hard to allow women to
create different looks from a set number of tops, skirts,
trousers and dresses. Maternity clothes need to be easy to
co-ordinate and are versatile to create a look which with the
addition of a jacket or a top can go from the office to a night

It is essential that fashion designers who work in the industry
are specialists – that's the only way they obtain the knowledge
and experience to design maternity clothes. The best designers
know how important the cut and feel of a garment is in creating
a flattering silhouette that accentuates the pluses of being
pregnant - not swamping a woman in layers of material.

The fit of maternity clothes is also important – no gappy arm
holes and neck lines; in the design process every style needs to
be repeatedly checked to ensure that a garment flatters and fits
in all the right places. It is crucial to know which bits do and
which bits don't grow in pregnancy. Women are proud of their
bumps and want to show off their changing shape and maternity
clothes should help them do just that.

The best maternity clothes use only high grade fabrics -
luxurious silks, linens, silk-cotton mixes, cottons and wool –
which, combined with excellent design, ensures that the
maternity clothes represent excellent quality and value. Always
look for the highest possible quality of fabric with a
competitive price tag.

Maternity clothes should be made to last and to continue to
look great, so in the months following the birth, when weight is
still an issue for most women (unless they are an A-list
celebrity of course!) they should continue to provide a
fantastic wardrobe without looking like `maternity' clothes.

This season's summer collections are full of glamour and chic,
with strong emphasis on fitted styling with ties and gathering
which is designed to highlight the changes in a pregnant woman's
shape. Embroidery and cutwork detailing is a favourite look this
season. Strong bold prints in florals and patterns reflect the
look on the catwalks. For high summer fun, brightly coloured
camisoles and t-shirts are perfect for keeping cool on hot
summer days and on holidays abroad.

Continuing the theme of versatility and co-ordination long
tunics and dresses can be worn on their own or with trousers or
coloured maternity leggings. No maternity wardrobe is complete
without the essentials which are designed to form the basis of a
woman's pregnancy clothes – roll top trousers, camisoles and
under the bump jeans.

To keep a maternity wardrobe looking and feeling fresh add in
new designs though out pregnancy, so there is always something
to enjoy wearing.

About The Author: Sharon writes for the company Blooming
Marvellous - who sell fashionable maternity clothes.

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