Thursday 14 May 2009

The Subjective Role Of Sexy Lingerie

There are three kinds of lingerie in the world. There is that
used strictly to bring on the act of sex. Fishnet stockings with
a sheer camisole set, for example. Or a g-string and a half-cup
bra. Then there are lingerie pieces that serve to enhance or
control the body's natural beauty. Corsets, garters, and
bustiers are examples. Finally, there is the sexy lingerie. This
is lingerie used in the art of romance. Silk negligees and lacy
panties, for instance.

Marketing of sexy lingerie is aimed toward the everyday woman,
the working mom or career lady who has to spend every day in a
man's world. The lingerie these women want to wear on the
weekend doesn't include granny panties and a T-shirt. It isn't a
trampy, uncomfortable outfit either. They want lingerie that is
tasteful and classy enough to wear on a regular basis. And
comfortable. If they can't enjoy wearing lingerie, they don't
want it at all. Men buying lingerie for their ladies need to
realize this.

It is important to say here that sexy is a subjective term. It
depends really on the psychology of those involved. What one man
thinks is sexy might be utterly atrocious and distasteful to
another. Take sheer lingerie. One man would find the idea of
seeing his lady's body through the lingerie very sexy and
stimulating. Another man would think it too revealing and
unimaginative. In order to determine where they stand on the
matter, men could answer the following questions:

1. Do you get aroused seeing fully-clothed women?
2. Would you go or have you ever gone to a striptease?
3. When you and your lady get time alone, what do you do first?

This strange set of questions can tell men a lot about what
they think is sexy. It will also reveal to them some of their
attitudes about the act. Men who climax early during intercourse
shouldn't buy trampy, skimpy lingerie. A sexual encounter
shouldn't be over in five minutes. Men who find themselves
aroused in the presence of fully-clothed women usually have a
good imagination. A simple body-suit for their women can prove
provocative to them. Men who frequent the striptease or the
nearby go-go club might need more. These shows desensitize. The
sexy or romantic style of lingerie just won't cut it. These men
need to see skin. A thong or backless panties might help some
men along. Finally, the last question. On the weekend, after the
work week is done, men and women reunite in a more relaxed
atmosphere. They have a chance to remedy what might be days of
sexual frustration. Men who want sex first won't need alluring
lingerie. A simple bra and panty set will suffice. Men who
expect to spend a romantic evening with their ladies before
commencing with sex should go for the silk chemise or camisole

So, what does sexy lingerie do for a relationship? Depending on
what men feel is sexy, it can either lead to or instigate the
act of making love. In the lingerie world, sexy style lingerie
points to that which is alluring and attractive, without
becoming pornographic. It is the comfortable silk or satin
nightgown. It covers enough of the body to leave things to the
imagination. But since sexy is a subjective term, it has come to
include all types of lingerie, whether they reveal nothing or

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