Saturday 23 May 2009

How Any Woman Can Become Her Own Health and Beauty Consultant

The market for looking good, for health and beauty
products, for feeling on top of the world is a mega-billion
pound industry.

You just need to look around and you'll see salons, therapy
centres, holistic centres, aromatherapy places, multi-ads
for plastic surgery, personal health consultants ' you name
it, there's just an abundance of choice out there.

However, at the same time, there's more confusion, concern
and frustration because what seems to be working at the
outset for people interested in better complexions and
smoother, clearer skin doesn't seem to last.

Many women are feeling just as concerned and bewildered
about their appearance, complexion and skin condition than
they ever were.

Why is that?

Maybe it's because of the conflicting and sometimes
downright dangerous advice that's being thrown around by
educated, informed, heavily-qualified professionals.

What can a woman do to avoid the traps and pitfalls when
navigating the health and beauty minefield?

Well, the first thing is to take complete charge and
control about the whole process of care and treatment. Yes,
there's something to be said about being pampered by
someone who is there to look after our health and beauty
needs. However, being in charge by making ourselves
knowledgeable and educated about the whole process is
something that all of us can do and the benefits can last a

Not only that, but these very same regimes, tips and health
secrets are very valuable; they can be passed down to
another generation which is being bombarded with a diet of
flashy, glitzy glam-type adverts for skin products that do
not live up to their claims and cost a fortune to purchase
because of extravagant advertising campaigns.

There's a better, proven, less expensive way to get the
type of results that would make a difference to how you
want to look and that is to be your own health and beauty

What that means is you should get the correct information
from the right sources in order to become an informed and
educated person when it comes to your own well-being.

Arming yourself with tips, techniques, regimes and health
secrets is key in looking your best ever... without having
to pay the earth for it.

For example - choosing the right moisturiser, one that's
right for YOU, can be like taking part in an archery
contest with your eyes blindfolded with no idea where the
target is.

Not only that, but when you DO decide that you want to get
what you consider is the RIGHT moisturiser, you'll find
that there's an army of people with very limited knowledge
who believe each one of us has exactly the same skin type,
the same skin tone, and that their products... FIT ALL!

Nothing could be further from the truth and, to prove it
all, just look at the poor looking skin and complexions of
some of the people you know.

So, what type of mistakes do most of us make when choosing
moisturisers and skin products? Well, a huge error is
deciding on a moisturising product because a celebrity
endorses it. The problem is that most celebrities we see
have admitted that they've had face lifts, plastic surgery,
nips and tucks here and there, and... a good many other
'unnatural' processes. That's a huge sign to let you know
that what you're buying may not entirely give you the
results of those celebrities.

Another mistake is trusting the sales assistant who really
can't give you any definite, specific, demonstrable
difference between the various products. Many people behind
the sales counter are simply order-takers. They've no real
in-depth knowledge about the tangible benefits you may
receive. So be very wary of those people to whom you're
entrusting your appearance, well-being and hard earned

Do you know which type of moisturiser is best for your
skin? Quite frankly, most people do not know the difference
between oil-in-water creams and those that are water-in-oil
based potions.

Don't spend silly money and please be aware that the market
for high-tech anti-wrinkle creams has doubled in the last
five years and now exceeds a 100 million pounds.

It is common for advertisers to make often absurd claims
for their products. In effect, they have a huge queue of
suckers all waving their credit cards and cheque books.

Preserving youth has become an obsession, a huge booming
market with miracle creams that promise much yet do nothing.


Can I leave you with a top tip? A simple treatment to
refresh and tighten your skin is to tone it with vodka!
I've tried it and it really works.

About the Author:

Maureen Lewis is the Author of Secrets to Looking
5,10,15... Even 20 Years younger ' Without Cosmetic Surgery
or High Priced Potions. You can contact her on
[email protected] Or, you can go to her website
which you can see at

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