Monday 18 May 2009

How To Be An Assertive Woman

Women will occasionally find themselves in heated arguments.
Sometimes, people's views and opinions will come in conflict
and create drama. Every now and then these conversations can
lead to more difficult situations. Knowing how to be assertive
in a nice way can prevent an argument from blowing up and may
even help one win an argument.

Learning how to be an assertive woman consists of two things:
one is the tendency towards a positive attitude, and the other
is audacity. Assertiveness means that you possess a kind of
boldness; the boldness to let your views and opinions be heard.

At the root of audacity is the confidence that your views and
opinions are true. Having confidence in your beliefs causes
you to have the boldness to disclose or pass on to others what
you have to say. And, conversely, you will have the courage to
defend and stand up for your views against people who may
disagree of feel differently than you do.

An assertive woman's assertiveness is also joined by a positive
outlook. She speaks with an attitude that is positive despite a
subject that may be about things that are negative. The reason
for this is because a person who has a negative attitude runs
the risk of loosing his or her composure and possibly saying
things that could either be regretted later, or not support the
argument's merits. Be sure to think carefully about the words
you use and don't just ramble on. More words is not a sign of
assertiveness. It will not help you win the person you are
speaking with and may be considered rude.

An assertive person is not one who tries to find the balance
between passivity and aggressiveness; but is a different idea
all together. It simply means that when you are in an
argument, that you will not be bullied to compromise your
beliefs or values. It means that you will stand your ground.
It is conveying every thought and every word with grace and
elegance in order to expose the truth that you hold. This means
there is no need to belittle or insult, but, because you have
the power of truth on your side, grace, elegance, and poise are
yours to wield.

Be sure you have thought through your facts. Be able to back
up the things you want to say. Know in advance, if possible,
the counter arguments that might come and be prepared to answer
them. Look at it is from the point of view of the other person.
Step into their shoes and try to understand why they are taking
the position that they are. This can allow you to see flaws in
the other person's argument, or, possibly, cause you to change
your own opinion if that is what the truth dictates.

Learning how to be an assertive woman is the skill of learning
to convey the truth. The truth brings with it confidence.
Assertive confidence has nothing to do with changing the mind
of your opponent, but has everything to do with ensuring that
your opinions, beliefs, and feelings are heard. This is

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