Sunday 17 May 2009

The Importance Of Online Perfume Stores

These days perfumes are bought online as well as in department
stores. Many online perfume stores like, Perfume
Emporium, ScentMonkey are completely devoted to selling
perfumes. We have still the counters of Givenchy, Chanel and
others in the great department stores in New York, London and
Paris but online perfume stores are important too. And the two
complement each other. They are both important for the future
of the perfume market.

Yes, perfumes have to be tested and smelt. The woman has to
wear the perfume and feel it on her and that is why department
stores are important. However, online perfume stores are
important too. Online perfume stores can offer large savings on
your favorite perfume. Information on the perfume, their notes
and effects is available: Also what type of woman the perfume
is for as well as the views of other purchasers. Perfumes are
an integral part of the whole beauty industry. We want to
analyse beauty and we want to analyse then our perfumes. Online
perfume stores allow us to do this. However the scent must be
tested and that is why department stores and online perfume
stores complement each other.

When we think of perfume stores, we think of the online perfume
stores like Perfume Emporium, and Scentmonkey. A
perfume store is a place to buy perfume but the great
department stores with their counters of Dior are not stores.
They are places to test perfumes and in that way they are not
stores. Nowadays, perfume stores are really the online stores
like which have filled a gap in the market and
opened up the luxury market of perfume.

Indeed, a perfume store is a place where you can buy from all
brands and select the perfumes you want and if we think of a
perfume store, online stores like fit that
definition. Here there is a wide spectrum of perfumes. And you
have access to views from other customers on perfumes. Yes,
views on perfumes are subjective. Some women like a certain
perfume and then some dislike it. Some think a perfume is too
flowery but others are able to catch a woody tone in the scent.

You can’t beat the sheer luxury of department stores with their
counters of Chanel, Dior, Guerlain and others. Yes you have to
test the perfume and ‘wear’ it and the disadvantage of such
online perfume stores is that you can’t test the perfume You
want to find the latest perfume and you want to test the
perfume for yourself. The department store allows you to do
this. Nothing beats seeing and testing the perfume for

However there are a number of advantages to counter this.
Online perfume stores offer a wealth of information and they
facilitate comparison of prices between perfumes. If a perfume
is not available in your local store, it is probably available
online. The list of perfumes in some online stores like
PerfumeEmporium is massive and these stores allow you to trawl
through the site searching for a suitable romantic perfume or a
good floral daytime fragrance. Online perfume stores are
up-to-date too and they offer a customized service. Perfume
stores like PerfumeEmporium and ScentMonkey cater
for all tastes from the connoisseur in perfumes to the woman
who simply wants to find a good daytime fragrance for work.

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