Sunday 17 May 2009

Perfume Oil: A Nice Alternative

Perfume is a tool women have been using for centuries to give
them an appealing smell. Over time perfume has been used for
medicinal purposes, as a way to relax and rejuvenate, and as
way to pay tribute to gods. Nowadays perfume is mainly used as
a way to enhance a woman’s beauty by appealing to people’s sense
of smell. The most recent improvement in perfume has been the
switch to using perfume oil rather than regular perfume.

The Advantages To Using Perfume Oil

Perfume oil differs from regular perfume because it is
completely natural. Since it has no additives, it takes and
uses scents in their purest forms. Appreciated by the more
sophisticated crowd, perfume oil is known as an elegant
alternative to perfume. It allows people to enjoy beautiful
fragrances without the fragrance being too overpowering. The
softer scent creates a more feminine smell.

Since perfume oil is softer than other perfumes, it creates a
nice fragrance only on the part of the body by which it is
applied. This is preferred because unlike with other perfumes,
you don’t have the fragrance strong all over the body. Rather
it stays only in the places that you want it.

Another wonderful advantage that perfume oil has over regular
perfume is that it is much longer lasting. This is because it
doesn’t make use of water and alcohol that you find in regular
perfume. The water and alcohol are typically put in perfumes
as fillers and end up evaporating on the skin much faster than
oil alone would. This not only causes the smell to go away
faster, but it also dries out the natural oils in your skin.
The alcohol is also what causes regular perfumes to have that
overpowering smell.

Another substance that is added to regular perfumes is ethanol.
Being that it can be hazardous to your skin in large amounts,
Ethanol is naturally repelled by your skin. This is another
reason that the smell disappears quickly. Ethanol is also what
causes people to have an allergic reaction to perfume.

When you use perfume oil, you don’t have to worry about your
body having a negative reaction to it. You get to enjoy the
soft fragrance all day, without your skin drying out from it.
What a wonderful way to keep your skin beautiful and your body
smelling amazing.

About The Author: Dola Raheem is the author of
he describes why perfumes are so desirable, and explains how to
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