Sunday 17 May 2009

Serious Beauty Blunders: Solved!

Prom is finally here but—yikes!—your mascara is a mess and you
over-indulged with the atomizer. This cheat sheet has all kinds
of quick fixes.

Beauty Blunder: Instead of spraying on a little perfume, you
smell like you dumped the whole bottle on your body.

Quick Fix: Diffuse your too-strong scent by patting
over-perfumed areas with rubbing alcohol, then wash with soap
and water.

Practice Prevention: Instead of spraying perfume on directly,
spritz the air and walk through it.

Beauty Blunder: You used too much styling product. Now your
locks look greasy but there's no time to shampoo.

Quick Fix: Use your hands or a flat brush to comb the product
out of your hair.

Practice Prevention: Place styling product in the palm of one
hand and rub palms together to emulsify. Apply to the underside
of hair and ends first, then put on top.

Beauty Blunder: You apply mascara but instead of long lashes
you've got major clumps.

Quick Fix: Gently comb lashes with a dry, clean mascara wand;
lash comb or new, dry toothbrush while mascara is still wet.

Practice Prevention: Wipe mascara wand on a tissue to get rid
of excess before you apply.

Beauty Blunder: You used way too much blush and look a little
like Bozo.

Quick Fix: Light excess color by applying a little foundation
or concealer on top, but be gentle: pressing or rubbing too
hard will smudge and make matters worse.

Practice Prevention: After dipping the brush into your blush,
blow bristles to remove any excess.

Beauty Blunder: Your lipstick is caught in the dry flakes of
your chapped likes and looks like a mess.

Quick Fix: Apply lip balm or Vaseline® on top of lipstick and
gently rub lips together.

Practice Prevention: Slick on lip balm of Vaseline® before
lipstick. If lips are chapped, look for a moisturizing lipstick
for more consistent color and a smoother pucker!

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