Sunday 17 May 2009

Perfume Bottle Collections Make Good Choices

Some people love wearing perfume, others just like to look at
the bottles themselves. For those who enjoy creating
collections, a perfume bottle can be the start of not only a
lovely looking display, but also a valuable one.

An antique perfume bottle can range in price from a few dollars
to thousands. To get started on one of these collections, it's a
good idea for a want-to-be collector on a budget to make a few
rules of the game first. These include:

* Looks. When a perfume bottle collection is desired, those
looking for great buys will find the prices run the gamut. To
ensure a collection that's affordable and enjoyable, it's a
good idea for a collector on a budget to make sure to buy only
those bottles he or she really loves.

If this is the biggest rule of thumb, there really isn't a bad
purchase to be made. Buying just for price and value is okay,
but to truly create a collection that's prized, looks should
come into play in a very big way.

* Pricing. As it's been said, a perfume bottle collection can
have a much higher price tag than many might think. Set a price
limit on individual buys and try to stick with it as possible.

* Always shop around. Perhaps one of the best things about
creating an antique perfume bottle collection is the fact a
person never knows where a great bottle will turn up. From
online auction sites and estate sales to antique shops and barn
sales, these bottles can be found all over the place. The
pricing will depend on the bottle in question and the location
it's found. Sometimes some great buys can be had at regular
garage sales.

The types of perfume bottle choices collectors can come across
are pretty amazing. Older bottles tend to be a lot more
decorative and ornate than those on the market today. Plus,
often tines, these older bottles didn't have brand names on
them, as they were seen as works of art on their own. This
little fact lends to the beauty of the bottles, because they
often are not encumbered with word or visible trademark.

Some of the types include:

Antique cut glass: Many perfume bottle creations in the 1800s
and early 1900s were made out of hand-cut glass. These little
bottles were often designed to look as pretty as their contents
smelled. These bottles can range from a few dollars to
thousands, depending.

Silver designs: Many antique bottles were made with glass
insides and intricate silver designs on the outer surface.
These bottles are mini works of art on their own.

Crystal: Crystal pressed and etch glass designs were and remain
very popular. The pricing depends on the quality of the crystal
and often the period it was made.

Ceramics: A lot of bottle designs in the 1920s were made with
blown glass and ceramics. With hand painted pictures on the
outside of the bottles, some of these creations are
one-of-a-kind treasures.

A perfume bottle collection can be a great way to get into
collecting items that are small and quite attractive. Whether
it's antique silver, crystal, cut glass or all of the above,
these bottles are considered by many to be individual works of

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