Monday 18 May 2009

Mariah Carey not Precious about looks

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In Cannes, Mariah Carey says her role in 'Precious' left no room for

The cast of award winning drama "Precious" spoke about their film
at the Cannes Film Festival after the movie received a standing ovation from
the audience at it's premiere.

Singer, songwriter and producer Lenny Kravitz and pop star Mariah Carey
took a break from rock stardom to act in the dark drama, having opted for
supporting parts in the often grim tale.

Carey said the role was a far cry from her glamourous pop diva image.

Mariah Carey, Actress/Singer saying:
"The thing was, it wasn't just without makeup. He had me with an
unflattering hair colour for me, dark make up under the eyes and a prosthetic
nose that took five hours to put on and then they ripped it off because it was
making a reaction on my face. And I tried to sneak and put some blusher on but
he caught me. It was hilarious. I really had to throw vanity to the wind and
had to trust Lee. If this was going to make this character believable then
that's what I have to do."

But the real star of "Precious", which debuted at Sundance, is
an unknown actress from Harlem, Gabourney Sidibe, playing an obese and
overburdened 16-year-old named "Precious" Jones who is twice
impregnated by her father and beaten by her mother.

The troubled teen also has adults who look out for her - two of those being
nurse John, played by Kravitz and welfare case worker, Mrs. Weiss, played by

"Precious" is based on the novel by New York writer Sapphire,
whose given name is Ramona Lofton. The book proved controversial when it hit
retail stories in 1996 because of its graphic description of incest, but it
also made it to the New York Times Bestseller list.

Despite its dark material, the film had Cannes audiences laughing at
several comic scenes, revolving around the surrealistic dreams Precious
creates to escape.


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