Monday 18 May 2009

Title: Poise & Class

There is something almost sovereign or monarchical about a
classy woman: like a queen's, her wishes are her commands. It
really does matter how you carry yourself in life! Poise is that
extra special quality that will carry you with ease & grace
through any situation. It gives you the ability of speaking &
acting in the correct type of way - no matter who it is you are
with. *Tip: having class also makes you the lucky lady who has
the components to attract any type of man. Think for a minute
about these three women - Princess Mary of Denmark, Jackie
Onassis or Grace Kelly. These very classy ladies were not born
into Royalty but, who would know it if not told? They became
sophisticated princesses. Grace Kelly was born a contractor's
daughter but, because of the fact she behaved as a princess
(wasn't just beautiful) - she married into BLUE BLOOD!

What about Princess Diana? Men everywhere perceived her as one
of the most beautiful women who ever walked the face of the
earth. (And, so she WAS.) They often state that she was
beautiful not only on the outside - but on the inside. Her grace
& spirit was admittedly a big part of her beauty. It is a true
fact that Princes Mary of Denmark took a 6 week poise &
etiquette course with a company called 'StarMaker Studios.' They
state on their website: 'Simple & powerful ways to perform,
communicate and move with confidence, and express yourself with
excellence....' YOU can also do something similar to what Mary

You can learn how to carry yourself, how to sit, talk, stand &
walk in that certain way! Don't be afraid to carry yourself like
a princess but, I would not suggest you ever come across as
snobby, haughty or arrogant. That being said, those 'high
caliber women' do have that certain level of dignity & bearing.
They are polite & courteous;- their manners are always flawless
& ideally they are warm & approachable too. When I mention their
flawless manners, this doesn't just mean their manners at the
table but, everywhere. Classy women also move & gesture with
grace & elegance. They also have a good measure of self-control
in any situation.

About The Author: Melina Dean is a dating expert, love coach &
image consultant. She has written a guide - 'How To Look Like A
Hollywood Love Goddess!' Visit her site for dating advice, love
& relationship coaching, self-development tips, seduction
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