Sunday 17 May 2009

Maternity Clothing Stores Act As An Ideal Meeting Point For Expectant Mothers To Swap Ideas And Experiences With Each Other

There was a time when expecting mothers would do little more
than stay at home and feed themselves. It was a widely held
belief that indulgence in any strenuous exercise or work would
hamper the growth and development of the fetus. But in today's
world, this is no longer a widely held belief. Due to the
equality that is being highlighted in the workplace, both men
and women continue to work extraordinarily long hours and it is
not uncommon to see even pregnant women working till their last

It is in such a background that maternity clothing stores
assume more and more importance. In the earlier days, there was
no need for anything like maternity clothing stores. Women wore
what they found comfortable and since they spent their time at
home, they did not need to worry about how they looked and the
like. But with working women, it is altogether another story.
They frequent maternity clothing stores as they need maternity
clothes that will not only serve them as a support for their
back and the growing baby but will also look and feel
professional for them to carry on working.

In the earlier days there were no standalone maternity clothing
stores. Most ordinary clothing stores carried a line of
maternity related clothing and accessories. But with the niche
market store concept of today, there are more and more
standalone maternity clothing stores that carry little else than
maternity clothing for women. And this is a concept that is
proving to be beneficial to women themselves. For instance, some
studies by psychologists reveal that when a store carries
regular clothes in addition to maternity clothes a lot of women
get disturbed by what the perceive as the bloated size. But this
is not so with maternity clothing stores. Since they carry
little else, the women feel better shopping there and in their
own words, more normal.

Maternity clothing stores also serve another, more social
purpose. Since they specifically cater to expecting mothers,
they have a niche target audience. And most of these mothers who
come to the shop make use of it as a meeting ground to swap
notes and compare remedies, experiences and the like. As such,
maternity clothing stores serve to become a maternity social
club of sorts. Be that as it may, one thing is for certain. In
the highly fragmented retail world we live in, maternity
clothing stores are like a breath of fresh air as they serve out
not only products, but the good old fashioned service standards
we sadly miss in other stores.

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