Sunday 31 May 2009

Perfumed Body Oils

Many people who are familiar with perfumes and colognes are not
exactly sure what to make of the scented body oil department.
It’s not quite a perfume. It’s not really cologne. It’s
available for both men and women. Typically when we think of
scented oils we think of smelly candles we burn in our house to
cover aromas or provide a pleasant atmosphere.

Perfume originated as an incense, typically an offering of high
value. Literally translated perfume means “through the smoke” in
Latin, referring to the aroma the burning smoke gave off as it
filled the room.

Today the meaning of perfume relates to a liquid solution that
people spray on either to create a stylish statement or to
attempt to cover up unpleasant aromas caused by sweat, smoke,
or other environmental factors.

Perfumes now contain an oil base, which is what quantifies it
as a perfume in the first place. However, modern day perfumes,
while still containing a high oil content, also contain
fillers. The fillers may consist of either alcohol or even
water, diluting the effects that oil has on the fragrance.

Perfumed body oils contain very little or no fillers. This
naturally makes them more expensive, however a small bottle of
perfumed body oil will last three times longer than a large
bottle of your favorite perfume. A tiny dab of perfumed body
oil is as effective as a direct spray of traditional perfumes.

The difference is in the high concentration of oil. Just like
any other liquid product, the more watered down with water or
alcohol something is, the less effective it is going to be in
small doses. Not only is the aroma of perfumed body oil
stronger, but the effects last much longer, often until you
wash it off in your next shower.

Perfumed body oils are available for men, women, and unisex
aromas. Body oils have the unique distinction of blending with
other aromas and scents which allows for the creation of a very
unique and personalized blend. You can literally create a one of
a kind scent every single day simply by using shower gels, other
oils, personal care products, or natural body sprays.

The trend in fragrances is beginning to shift more toward
perfumed body oils. Their uniqueness and their long lasting
effects make them worth the price in the eyes of many
consumers. Perfumed body oils are available everywhere,
including the perfume counter and internet sources.

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