Sunday 31 May 2009

Your Handbag Can Say A Lot About You

People always say that the manner or style in which you dress
can say a lot about you. The entire outfit of a person from
the apparel, fashion accessories and even the handbag can help
other people tell on what type of person you are. You will
discover so much about a woman from even the type of handbag
that she carries with her.

For those women who carry bags of average size, which have
handles and are snugly fit under the shoulder, they are
perceived to be sophisticated and classy. They are usually used
by career oriented women or those holding high office positions.

Big bags are usually associated with the younger generation. We
find a lot of students carrying bulky bags to put their stuff in
like notebooks, books, folders and the like. They are also used
by people who have a lot to carry with them or require a lot of
space. You can say that a lot of the women who carry these type
of handbags seem to be very simple and down to earth.

Formal clutches especially those with embellishments and a lot
of trinkets can signify that the woman carrying this is someone
who is stylish and chic.

I can say that girls who go for very expensive designer label
handbags are very high maintenance women. These girls project
poise and confidence knowing that they know what they want and
wouldn't settle for anything less or anything inferior to the
expensive brands. These high maintenance girls can be quite
difficult to handle so guys need to be extra careful and
sensitive to this type of women.

Women are showing their wild side if they prefer to carry with
them leather handbags adorned with numerous pockets, chains and
buckles. The numerous chain and buckle embellishments tend to
project the image of a bad girl who is always on hand to have a
great wild time without thinking about the consequences of their

When a women prefers bright colored handbags you can say that
this woman is sociable, fun, fresh and friendly. They usually
have a sunny disposition and are very outgoing. You can expect
this type of woman to be willing to engage in a conversation
even with a stranger or someone she has just gotten to know.

For those who tend to choose dark colors like brown and black,
you can say that these women are shy and very reserved.

While the above assumptions may not be applicable to everybody
most of the time, you can say, that the type of bag you wear
whether it is with regards to the style or the color usually
reflects your mood.

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