Sunday 17 May 2009

Redefining Romance

Do you consider yourself to be a romantic person? Many believe
that they are romantic, but once they look at what they consider
to be romance they discover that it falls way shorter of the
true definition.

Do you truly know how to be romantic?

If you believe picking up after yourself sometimes or putting
things back where you found them is romantic, you might need
some assistance determining the difference between romance and
being simply considerate.

The true meaning of romance is to make tender advances towards
the object of your affection. It may appear to be a bit corny
and old fashioned, but romance is something special that has
been around forever. Romance has always been an endless desire
and positive part of many relationships since mankind arrived on
this planet.

Romance in reality takes being thoughtful a little further.
Instead of performing things you should do for your partner,
start doing things without having to have a purpose.

This, of course, does not mean you should forget important days
like Birthdays and Valentine's Day, it just means that you
should make more days throughout the year special because you
care a lot about the significant other in your life.

A lot of great things can happen if you place romance in your
relationship. When you experience the desire to supply or
improve romance in your relationship, the first thing you will
have to do is to begin to pay attention. Observe when your
better half tells you something you can use when you are ready
to add some romance.

For example, if your mate mentions their favorite flower or
flower store, make a mental note of it for future reference.
Leave one stem of their favorite flower on their bed or have
flowers delivered to them at work. This works for both men and
women. It is becoming increasingly more popular for men to enjoy
getting fresh flowers or plants from their partners.

Listen to other things your better half may tell you that might
not seem important at the time, but could be useful when
planning something romantic. Do you know what your partner's
favorite food and restaurants are? Put together a surprise
dinner or make reservations at the restaurant. Is there a film
being released that he or she would like to experience? Hire
someone to watch your kids or arrange to have time off to take
your partner on an 'out of the blue' date. Does your partner
have a favorite furry animal? Every time you see that animal
from furry, stuffed animals to small statuettes, make it a
regular habit to build up his or her collection once in a while.

If your partner is someone who isn't especially fond of things
like a flower, there are still plenty of things you can do to
present a bit of romance into your relationship. Consider small
notes in unusual places like in the cupboard, on shelves or on
the car steering wheel. They don't need to be long-winded or
complex notes. The goal is to tell them how much you care. This
is a special and extremely low-cost way to increase romance in a
relationship. It is also very personal and can bring great,
positive reactions.

There are many benefits to learning how to be romantic.

Romance is simply letting the individual you love know you care
by doing just a bit more than you do ordinarily. Nothing has to
be excessive or costly to make it especially effective. Listen
to your partner and act on what you hear. You will find if put
in the extra effort and take the initiative to take action
specifically for your partner that it can lead to better
communicating as well as improving the intimacy of any

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