Monday 25 May 2009

Rose Tattoos - A Meaning In Every Petal

Roses have always been associated with love and death. The
ancient Greeks believed that the first rose was created when
Chloris, the goddess of flowers, came upon a dying wood nymph
and transformed her into a flower.

Then the goddess of love, Aphrodite, gave the flower its
beauty, and the god of wine, Dionysus, contributed an
intoxicating fragrance. Beauty, love, intoxication, and death,
all in one package; add thorns for a hint of sorrow and danger,
and you have the perfect symbol of the human condition

So is it any wonder that the rose tattoo has, for both men and
women, become one of the most widely requested of all tattoo

Not only is the rose loaded with symbolic meaning; its can be
represented as anything from a single small bud or open bloom,
or as a garland or bouquet of blossoms, and with or without
thorns. It can have flowing ribbons with names of loved ones,
tattooed in remembrance or as a pledge of eternal devotion.

One ancient Roman legend is that the god of silence,
Harpocrates, happened to witness Venus, the goddess of love,
engaging in an illicit sexual encounter. Venus' son Cupid, the
god of love, bribed Harpocrates with a rose to guarantee his

The Romans took their myths seriously, and the ceilings of
Roman banquet rooms were festooned with roses as a reminder to
those reclining at the tables. What was revealed from
wine-loosened lips of wine was heard "sub rosa," and would
remain confidential.

A rose tattoo positioned in a very private place and known only
to a lover can honor the tradition of the rose as a symbol of
secrecy. But rose tattoos can also be worn visibly and proudly,
as most men wear them, on the arm.

Even the color of a rose tattoo can add layers to its meaning;
the Victorians actually had a "language" of flowers and by
sending different varieties of blooms in different colors to
those they admired could communicate symbolically all the
romantic feelings their conventions would no let them say in

Rose tattoos, alone or combined with other flowers, can
communicate a very private message in a very public way.

While the most requested color for rose tattoos is red,
signifying love, romance, courage, and beauty, the blue rose
tattoo is gaining in popularity, and has an intriguing history.

There are no naturally blue roses, and although research is
ongoing to create one, the blue rose tattoo represents mystery
and the quest to achieve the impossible. Some legends suggest
that the blue rose can magically grant wishes or restore youth.

Rose tattoos, like the actual flowers, can beckon and entice,
or hint of danger. Rose tattoos can suggest purity and
innocence, or unbridled passion. Rose tattoos can be worn in
remembrance of loved ones who have moved on or as pledges of
undying love through all the years ahead.

A rose tattoo, in other words, can speak volumes about you, and
all you need to do is tell your tattoo artist what you want
yours to say!

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