Saturday 23 May 2009

A True Story and Healthy Skin

If your goals include achieving optimal health, a more youthful
appearance and a better quality of life, wouldn't it be great to
know some of the best skincare solutions that can reclaim your
smooth, fresh, youthful complexion and have you waking up every
morning looking your best?

Here's a true story. On a recent visit to my hometown in
Lithuania, I was reminded by my half sister about a woman we
used to know who one day went to her old family doctor
complaining of a stomachache. After she described her symptoms,
the old doctor peered over his glasses and simply said: "Go see
an eye doctor". The woman was stunned. "But, doctor," she said,
"I have a stomachache. There's nothing wrong with my eyes." The
doctor was adamant. "I am telling you," he said. "Go and see
optician." When the woman asked why, the doctor replied: "You
have to see an eye doctor in order to see better what you are

His advice is a good lesson for all of us. If we all looked
really closely at the food we are eating every day and thought
seriously about what we're putting into our systems, there would
be far less sick people in the world. And we all would have
healthy and glowing skins.

Non-invasive anti-aging treatments have become very popular
these days. But skin care treatments do not require any surgical
procedures. All we have to do is find better ways of managing
our daily lives. The most natural and recommended way is to eat
a well balanced diet combined with exercising and relaxation
techniques, all of which will go a long way toward avoiding
stress and are far more effective and far less expensive than
opting for a surgical remedy or getting Botox injections.

Botox injections, for example, cost approximately $400 each,
can take up to three weeks before any results are seen and must
be repeated every four to six months. In some women, however,
these procedures can cause severe and unforeseen scarring and
freezing of the facial tissue. Natural face care, on the other
hand, will leave your skin healthy, rejuvenated, refreshed and
beautiful without the pain and suffering.

Do a little research and choose what is suitable for your
particular skin. If a therapist does little more than try to
sell you the most expensive anti-aging skin treatment without
giving you any other options, you should seriously think about
going somewhere else for advice. While learning more about the
ingredients is the most important thing you can do when
considering anti-aging treatments, always keep in mind that
natural ingredients do not irritate the skin or have any
negative side effects.

I'm not against the concept of anti-aging. We all want to stay
active and healthy well into the later years of our lives. But
to do that, we have to adopt a healthy lifestyle, and beautiful
looking skin requires an on-going commitment to daily skin care.
You can stay healthy and beautiful with antioxidants and protect
your body by eating fruits and vegetables. With a healthy
lifestyle and periodic maintenance, youth and beauty can be
sustained for a long time.

I've personally spent many years looking for solutions to stay
as young and beautiful as I can, and because I have adopted a
healthy lifestyle, I actually stopped wearing foundation now
that my skin is so smooth and lovely. I also discovered some
skincare secrets that plastic surgeons will never tell you.

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