Monday 6 July 2009

Dior's haute couture fashion goes back to the future

The latest haute couture collection by the fashion house Christian Dior invited people into the halls of history on Monday (July 6), as the designer looked to the label's past for inspiration.
Iconic photographs of Dior with his favourite models offered an energy and excitement for designer John Galliano that made its way to the models on his current catwalk.

Victoire, Noelle, Yolane and Lucky starred in the vintage collection, undressing and re-dressing as they made their dramatic entrances and created glamourous poses.

The current collection saw their contemporaries mimic the same moves.

Many appeared half-dressed, marching in black stockings that highlighted the sharp colours and animal prints in the collection.

Whether in lime green, jaguar print or poppy red, Dior believed what the models wore should reflect an individual personality and Galliano showed he thinks along the same lines.

He made no apologies for focusing on the sensual, with all models wearing red lipstick and stiletto heels.

But in the current economic climate, it could be that the designer also knows sex will always sell and a reminder of the label's successful fast may be just one more way to help boost sales.

Luxury groups are turning to films, the Internet and private dinners to attract customers as they search for more cost-effective ways to advertise to fight falling sales.

Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH) Chief Executive Bernard Arnault said in May it planned to invest more on Internet ads and better targeted publicity.

Christian Dior is one of more than 60 brands in the LVMH stable. It recently launched an Internet only advertising film featuring Oscar winner Marion Cotillard to promote its Lady Dior line.


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