Monday 6 July 2009

Men's Jewelry And Platinum - A Love Story

In ancient Rome, the metal of choice for jewelry was Iron. The
metal was chosen because of its strength and immense durability.
The only problem with Iron was its' affinity for oxidation and
it was soon replaced by gold and silver. Still, gold was
preferred over silver, not only because of its color, but
because of the fact that it stained much less than silver did.
When the world discovered platinum, it fell in love with it. The
silvery metal easily replaced gold on the top spot. It was used
in everything from rings to necklaces and more. It became off
limits during the war because of its strategic use, but the
minute it came back on the market, the world re-opened its arms
for the precious metal.

Men's Jewelry and Platinum

It isn't only the women who took notice of the beauty and the
rarity of the white gray metal that is Platinum, Men throughout
history has also made this metal the material of choice for
their jewels. From French Kings who unabashedly declared
Platinum to be the only precious metal that was fit for a ruling
monarch, to modern day grooms that don beautifully crafted
platinum rings the day they wed, it is without a doubt that
Platinum is considered as the preferred metal for men's jewelry.
It is often paired up with precious stones to give more
character, but on its own, platinum is able to stand its ground.
This metal has even found use in implements that are very
masculine – like in automobiles and other items.

Second Only to Diamonds

When it comes to ranking – say in credit card rewards, Platinum
has always been ranked above gold, but always right below
diamonds. In the jewelry world however, Platinum and Diamonds
are known to be a winning pair. These two are able to find use
both in women and men's jewelry; the styles however are very
different. When it comes to the male discipline, diamonds are
often used very minimally – fact is, the world has yet to see a
man sporting a solitaire cut, cocktail size diamond ring. When
paired with Platinum in men's jewelry, diamonds tend to be
small, but it is the way they are used that makes them stand
out. Most of the time, diamonds are laid out Pavé style. Pavé
means paved and that is when diamonds are imbedded on the
surface of the metal. This is the most common use when it comes
to diamonds in men's jewelry.

Other Additions to Platinum

Popular additions to men's jewelry are gemstones. You may not
see pink opals on a man's ring often, but stones like deep red
rubies, sapphires and emeralds are known to have made the
rounds. One gemstone that is popular with men's jewelry is the
dark and ominous onyx. Jewelers prefer this stone because they
know that its dark coloring would appeal to the masculine
discipline. Other than that, onyx is beautiful when it is set
against platinum. The two materials manage to offset each other
beautifully, with the lightness of the platinum complimenting
the dark tone of the onyx.

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