Saturday 18 July 2009

Open Up The Pores And Clean Out The Oily Skin

We all have oil glands; some of us seem to have the ones that
are working more than those of others are. Those with oily skin
are reaping some benefits from it. Oily skin will help to slow
the aging process and it give the skin a better glow that those
with dry skin. Oily skin also has disadvantages to it. Oily skin
can cause dirt and bacteria to stick around and that will cause
acne. This is more of the case when the person is in the younger
years of adolescence when the hormones that drive sex
(androgens) are moving around at a fast pace and this makes the
glands give off more oil than usual. This makes it a more
important time for astringents used on the face.

The oil form the glands does not cause damage and are a great
thing for the skin to use as a defense because they keep the
skin moist and get also help it to get rid of the old cells of
skin that are in the walls of the hair follicles. The way for
you to keep the skin looking smooth and with no blemishes on it
is by making sure that your pores are clear and are not in any
way able to create acne. You can take the first step by getting
yourself something that does not cost a lot that is made for
oily skin. Make sure what you are getting commercially is not
going to damage the skin. The next things that you may want to
try are the use of a toner, cleaner, and exfoliate but these
usually do not help. The idea that you need to keep in your mind
is to not dry up the skin because this will make it produce more
oils than before.

Hints To Help With Oily Skin

It is amazing to learn that oily skin can also be sensitive
skin. Washing it with a cleaner will cause the skin to become
irritated and swollen. When you use water that is room
temperature and a mild cleaner followed by cool water for
rinsing, it will be best. You should try to avoid wearing makeup
as much as possible. It is even better if you do not wear it at
all. If you need to wear makeup, you should purchase makeup that
is not oil based. Make sure that you remove your makeup each
night before you go to bed and do not use a night cream. Makeup
and creams will cause the skin to be clogged up and will add to
the grease that is already there causing the irritation and the
swelling to get worse. Fruit acids will take off the top layer
of the skin and still give you the natural hydration you need.

You can also get yourself the medications that are available
over the counter for oily skin. Benzoyl Peroxide is one of them
that will remove the bacteria and germs and has been shown to
take off the dead skin cells that cause the acne to start. That
would be right in the follicles of the hair. Adding to the hints
for oily skin you should try sulfur products, resorcinol, and
salicylic acids to start the healing process of the acne
blemishes and blackheads. For more info see on
Wrinkle Free Skin Care

Essential oils that are used in aromatherapy also help the oily
skin. You can add cedar wood, clary sage, lavender, geranium,
tea tree oil, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, grapeseed oil, and jojoba
oils to the things that are good for oily skin and that help to
heal and stop infections and swelling.

Sweat is the ultimate cleaning device for the skin. Outside the
things that are good about sweating and it giving you a healthy
body, it is a great thing for your oily skin. Make it a habit to
exercise so you can get the sweat out.

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