Tuesday 21 July 2009

Three Beauty Tips Every Woman Must Know

Beauty is something that is often talked about. You see it talked about on TV, you hear about it on the radio, and now it is represented on the internet more than ever. So what truly is beauty and how do you achieve it. Well it is my belief that all women are beautiful, but sometimes we need to find ways to enhance our beauty. Therefore I'm revealing three tips that will help every women accent and enhance their beauty.

1. Enhance your eyelashes: Women can say a lot with their eyes. Have you ever wondered how some women seem to make their eyes smile? Well it's all in the eyelashes, because eyelashes give your eyes that little twinkle that you see. There are several ways to enhance your lashes and one way is to try artificial lashes. This is a great way for women who have short or thin eyelashes to get that boost. The other way is to pick out a good mascara, preferably one that doesn't clump, and apply for the enhanced look. Both ways are sure to make your eyes smile.

2. Whiten your teeth: Some women don't realize this, but people are attracted to you if you have a beautiful smile. People are attracted to beautiful white teeth and there are several ways to obtain your pearly whites. One way of course is to see a dentist for teeth whitening or you can use a store bought whitening product, such as Crest White Strips. This is less expensive than going to the dentist, but just as effective. Either way you will be on your way to a beautiful smile.

3. Use the right foundation: Most ladies know that having the right foundation makes all the difference in your facial appearance, but some women choose to skimp on this step. Now finding the right foundation for your skin can sometimes be a bit challenging and a bit costly, but this is one area that you cannot skip out on. If you give your foundation the much needed attention it deserves, you will begin to see the results in other parts of your life.

So there you have it, three beauty tips every women must know. And if you liked what you read in this article visit http://www.kikitheimagecoach.com to receive a free special report titled "Secrets the Stars Won't Tell You About Your Image".

Written by Kiki Ramsey, LGSW, the CEO of Kiki Ramsey International and founder of Total Image Coaching-Where Stars Are Born. Kiki's a successful personal Image Coach and dynamic public speaker, inspiring women and young adults by giving them the Keys to Success.

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