Wednesday 16 September 2009

Rock chick turns fashion chic

Pop star Avril Lavigne launches her new clothing collection, Abbey Dawn.

Pop princess Avril Lavigne is pushing her rock-chick look onto the fashion catwalk.

The Canadian-born singer known for her edgy lyrics and punk style unveiled her latest creations in New York.

Models marched in designs that would suit the singer herself - mirroring many of the skater girl images presented in her videos.

Tank-tops and t-shirts were worn with a multitude of belts and tight leggings or jeans.

Skirts were short and the influence of Lavigne's music offered a backbone of support.

Make-up was done with smoky eyes and bright lips.

While bright pops of pink appeared throughout the show.

Backstage, Lavigne admitted she still had her own fashion doubts from time to time - despite being a designer.

Avril Lavigne, singer-songwriter / designer, saying:

"Do I wear heels or do I wear Converse? Do I? Don't I? So I decided because it's my fashion show, I better wear heels with the dress. Although my rule is I never wear a dress in heels. I either put on Doc Martens or Converse. Now that the show's over I can wear flats."

Her clothing line, named Abbey Dawn, will be sold through the Kohl's clothing chain in North America.

Julia Glover, Reuters

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