Friday 16 October 2009

Unravel the Ugly Truths in Body Moisturizer Reviews

One of the best ways to get through all the hassles of
trying out potential beauty products like those of skin
moisturizers and body lotions on the market is to consult
reliable literatures that provide the readers not only
comprehensive body moisturizer reviews but also the
possible effects their ingredients might have on the body.
It is of importance to know about potential harmful
ingredients that some manufacturers around the globe still
continue to use.

The proliferation of skin products on the market that
promises beauty and everlasting youth have every skincare
industry clamoring for formulations that would make their
name known to a worldwide scale. Such is the condition of
today's beauty industry that every consumer would find it
hard to choose not only the right product for their type of
skin but also the safest way to achieve their goals all in
the name of beauty and perfection.

Reliable and scientific body moisturizer reviews in the
past years have not only made the public open their eyes to
the many bogus beauty products that are already out in the
market but also made the government act out against these
kind of scam. Today chemicals such as parabens are no
longer allowed to be included in any beauty formulations.

Parabens are known to increase the shelf-life of many kinds
of products from shampoos to lotions and it has been widely
used in the past because it is relatively cheap. But
studies have shown that these chemicals cause skin
irritation and cancer; they imitate that of the structure
of estrogen in the body, that when absorb through the skin
hormonal changes occur which is usually one of the factors
of cancer especially in women.

But it is of great to importance to not that not all body
moisturizer reviews can be trustworthy; some are just there
to cater to products that have some sort of sponsorship of
affiliation on the part of the company or writer. A good
way to make use of body moisturizer reviews is of how much
a certain product would cost in comparison to another; this
could be most beneficial to individuals with tight budgets.

As with the pertinent ingredients on certain skin care
products, try looking into separate studies regarding the
chemical ingredients use, a good way to carry out this
method is to look for recent studies in online journals,
that way sources are primary and scientific in nature.

Chemical ingredients to watch out for and that are mostly
disregarded in body moisturizer reviews are those of
dioxane, which is also known to cause cancer.
Alcohol-containing products render the skin dry because of
its volatile nature, meaning that it is easily evaporated
once it comes into contact with the skin.

Fragrances are most unwise for individuals with sensitive
skin types, because these are one of the primary causes of
irritation that occur on the skin. Body moisturizer reviews
should be regarded with utmost importance and one should be
able to recognize if such reviews are only for commercial

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